Egyptian Chronicles: What do you expect from them??

Friday, September 5, 2008

What do you expect from them??

Dear Alb Sayed spoke about the current RNC Circus , it is not a big shock to find Mitt Romney speaking negatively of Islam !! After all this is the GOP convention.It is the neo conservatives Circus.It is their meeting ,the gathering of the freak. Romney if you want to speak about Radical terrorism ,then speak in more global way , it is not only Islamic.

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  1. US polticians are second class actors who read speeches from tele-prompter. Primary candidates of major parties must bend and observe the elite who run the show. To know who is actually in charge, one should look for the common thread among all politicians. They can debate abortion and gun control, but at the end all must subscribe to a specific stand on forigen politics. There is a magic line in the sand no one dares to cross.

  2. @anonymous , so where is the real change here ? ;)
    this is why the people in the Arab world are indifferent they know whether the next president is democrat or republican,things will be the same

  3. Z,

    There is no change here. Not a single bit, so don't even dream about it. You will have different faces, voices, styles, ages, races, colors, .. yet all share the same ultimate vision in middle east policy. This is modern day slavery on a grand scale, where minds are controlled, and slaves actually praise their freedom.

  4. @anonymous , you mean praise their masters ,you are so right , we are slave thought economy,through culture and mostly through politics


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