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Monday, September 22, 2008

The turn is on the Daily News Egypt

Yesterday I found Abdullah Kamal at Rosa Al Youssef daily dedicated his full column to attack Daily News Egypt and the publishers of The Daily Star, this is not good.I know he attacks other newspapers like Al Dustor and Al Masry Al Youm,it seems that it was the turn of the Daily News Egypt.
He accused the Egyptian newspaper of copying and translating the opposition reports that attack the government , he does not like that as a big governmental speaker.
Of Course Abdullah Kamal does not give a damn for the Egyptian people for two good reasons he knows very well :
1- The Newspaper's price is L.E 10 because it is sold with the International print of International Herald Tribune,this is very expensive.
2- The Egyptian people do not need the Daily News Egypt to know what is going in their country from corruption,they already know it.
Kamal is angry that the foreign diplomats and businessmen read it because it is an English publication.
I do not consider Daily News Egypt as opposition newspaper rather an independent one
It seems that he does not like the fact that the newspaper covers the freedom of expression , Ayman Nour and Saad El-Din Ibrahim news. He does not like the fact that the newspaper can be another vent for the Egyptian people to the outside world.
Now I got a question to Mr. Kamal :
If he cares so much about the reputation of Egypt why does not he call for the ban of the dirty tabloids ?? Every day I open Al Akhbar and I found ads for dirty tabloids ,I do not know how or when they were granted the licenses where as serious newspapers like "Al-Shorooq" were stripped from their licenses with no good reason
Another thing Lebanon may be a country that suffered a lot but its freedom of expression and its media should not be attacked from a sick rotten 3 world governmental media.
Update :
 Here are the scan of Kamal's column last sunday
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  1. Hi Zeinobia

    Do you have a link for Abdallah Kamal's article?

    (Also, Daily News Egypt is available to buy separately from the Tribune for LE 3 or 4 I can't remember. Which is still very expensive bardou...)

  2. Hi Zeinobia..

    Thanks for this post. I'm the editor of Daily News Egypt and wanted to know the date of the issue in which Mr. Kamal's article appeared.

    I would really appreciate the information because i can't seem to find it anywhere.

    Rania Al Malky

  3. @Amnesiac
    Unfortunately or I think fortunately the website of daily rosa does not include his daily column for some technical reason and he has not updated his blogs for months now
    I did not know that they sell Daily News separately from IHT , this would be great, still the price is still high as you said

    @Rania Al Malky
    First of all welcome to my blog and let me express my admiration to your newspaper and your work
    about rosa , I think it was yesterday ,anyhow I will search for it and scan it for you

  4. Guys here are the scans of the column
    It was published on last sunday

  5. وقفة مصرية نياهاهاها


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