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Thursday, September 25, 2008

This is Ahmed Fouad

Last month Al Arabiya channel aired for the first time in the history of Arabic TV channels a long interview with Egypt’s last and former King Ahmed Fouad II. The interview was presented by Ricardo Karm and its title was “This is Ahmed Fouad” . At last I managed to download and see it. Thanks to my dear friend “Ezz El-Din” in the facebook Egypt’s Royalists I managed to upload them.

You can see the interview here

Here are my remarks about the important interview.

1- The interview is important because it is first time Ahmed Fouad II speaks to the Arabic TV channel , already he had done endless number of interviews with the Arabic press , but this was his first one. on TV.

2- Already he made that interview before Farouk and Exile , Ricardo used parts from his interview in the later show.

3- Speaking French all the time is not good despite all the excuses , I think that this is why he refused to have interview with Amr Adib on Orbit .

4-His body language shows that he is very shy person who can’t confront others easily.

5- He did not answer the question about the reasons of his father’s dramatic fall rather speaking about the revolution or the coup as he described it , despite he called it a revolution later in the interview.

6- He may have the reasons but disrespecting all the free officers and putting them in one basket implying that they moved on their own just because they hated Farouk without any respect or regard to the reasons behind their move was not a smart move. Not all the free officers were villains traitors and I do not need to say names. Of course again he has the reasons but I fear that young generations would believe him blindly without any respect to the history ,the true history , everyone whether from West and East agreed that Farouk was heading with the country to the point of no return , of course Ahmed Fouad II was born in 1952 and had no chance to see and judge by himself fairly.

7-The Arab league was not made only by the efforts of his father but rather of another great noble man called Mustafa Pasha Nahas , whose father got rid of as soon as he was made sure the league preparations were over and completed.

8-I really feel sad when I found the former King of Egypt speaks about the Egyptian history like a foreigner

“The Pharaohnic Period rarely saw a war !!”

For God sake the Pharaohnic Period saw too many wars, revolutions, invasions and even coups by army leaders and priests against the Kings .

He and Ricardo made me feel that I am watching couple of foreigners “Saladin, Mohamed Ali …Etc” .There is a huge distance between his majesty and his people the Egyptian people.He is like a foreigner impressed by the history of the country.

9- There is nothing new in the questions nor the answers,Ricardo did not ask him about what he likes or reads , about whether he watches our national team football matches, about his relations with other Arabs.

10- I know that the former King does not want to be asked about his personal life , but I wanted to know what he used to work , from where he was graduated..etc.

11-Sometimes I feel that the Father&Son between Farouk is too complicated. I do not know how to describe it but may be this is how the monarchs raise their children.

12-Important historical remark and revelation Fouad II said in that interview and it is not about the death of his father  , we all know about his death and his accusation to Nasser is not a new thing , but the new thing is that his father wanted him to join a military school just like him but this time the young king would complete till the end and be ready for any change in the future , Fouad II did not want that and I think the death of his father made him get away from this.

This contradicts with all what was said that Farouk lost all hope in returning back, Farouk seems to me understood what was going in 1965. Saudi Arabia and the west had enough already from Nasser and thus things can be changed to his son’s good despite the fact it was too late , the popularity and Charisma of Nasser could not be conquered, still it was a hope ,Fouad II should complete his study in a military school till the end , he should be an officer who could be the commander in chief leading the army and thus correcting his father’s big mistake. This seems to me a good reason to eliminate him

13- I do not like how Ricardo sits , it is rude especially he considers Fouad II a king.

14- The king who did not see his grand mother “Nazli” was right when he described her fate as worse than his father’s.

15-He is still angry from his mom , blaming her and Queen Farida for not acting as Queens of Egypt and as mothers despite his father did not act as the king of Egypt either; and that was from the main reasons Farida or Safinaz left him.

16- Nasser did not regret his treatment to Ahmed Fouad II , whom he knew that did not form any sort of danger at that time in 1970, Fouad II has all the right to hate and disrespect Nasser but as a journalist in the first Place Ricardo should not underestimate Nasser.

17-About that Birth Certificate , officially it was issued in the time of the United Arab Republic aka the Egyptian Republic , it is normal thing that they should not include his royal title , already it would be very silly.

18-It is true that President Sadat mentioned in one of his parliament's speech after 1973 victory that former prince Ahmed Fouad had donated the Egyptian army.

19- I think the part where he spoke about the Islam was to deny the rumour that he converted to Christianity , already I received that rumour several times in my blogs from radical Christians.

20- He does not have any interest at the Political life so those dreamers who are putting hope that the exiled King whom to return back and rules us. By this statement he put an end for a question some wondered especially after Princess Farial refusal to answer Adib’s question about whether they still have hopes to return back as rulers in Egypt

In the end this interview we saw a normal person who was born with a title that he did not enjoy because a series of misfortune event.That title was the last official king of Egypt .

What do you  think about this interview ??

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  1. The 1952 ( revolution ) called .. was a jump in the dark with no plans or even future steps .. what was done was all hup hazards and its results hurt not only the egyptians.. but even the palestians and the rest of arabs..

    Commented by : an Egyptian classy lady


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