Egyptian Chronicles: They are some where in Sudan !!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

They are some where in Sudan !!

This is what we know officially about the hostages. The Egyptians have nothing to speak about today except this incident ,which was described by many including Al Dostor newspaper as the first tourists abduction in the history of Egypt , they even used better and shocking headline “Egypt enters the tourists’ abduction era !!”
There was a chaos in the local media  , in the same newspaper you can find something and its opposite. I will not blame the journalists in Egypt because the officials themselves are seemed contradicting themselves. The FM in NY issued yesterday a statement saying that the hostages were freed then hours later the spokesperson of his ministry denied that and we found out that they are officially in Sudan.
It is strange thing when I know that the negotiations are held between the abductors and the German Government and not with the Egyptian Government that till this moment denies any direct negotiations with them as if we do not have 8 Egyptian hostages under their mercy , already I do not know what their fate will be and who will pay their ransom.
It seems that the gang of 5 whom we do not know anything about their nationality except they were masked and speak with African accent according to Garanah’s repeated description; knows the Egyptian Government will not give them a penny. It is such pathetic thing to know that we can’t know we are so weak.
Zohair Garanah is speaking about the matter in the media , yes I know they are tourists but I will rather feel more comfortable if I see Habib El-Adly speaking about the matter , it is about the security.
Officially the hostages were transferred to Sudan and currently according to the Sudanese officials ,their location was identified, also according to Khartom Cairo dispatched two intelligence officers there to follow up and coordinate the matter with their Sudanese Counterparts but do not expect any Adham Sabri’s adventures because the hostage safety is number#1 priority according the Sudanese officials !! Well Can’t Adham Sabri do something heroic and save the hostages , I mean in the end they are 5 men , yes they got guns but what our special forces do !!?? Do not we always watch them in their graduation showing off their capabilities in front of the President in freeing hostage.
We are not weaker than the Somali Police for God Sake !!
Here are some of  the Egyptian hostages were identified :
  • Ibrahim Saber Ibrahim “The Owner of the company”.
  • Mohamed Abd El- Azim Abd El-Hak “One of the guides”
  • Ahmed Abd El-Manam Mohamed '”One of the guides”
Now the media despite the denials of the Darfurian and Chadian Rebels ; is insisting on accusing them !! Yes the gang is expected to be from the natives because they know their way in the middle of this desert very well but they are not from Darfur or from Chad. Sure you will wonder why or where this gang will spend that huge ransom in and may be this is why many people believe they are from the Darfurian rebels who need that money to finance their operations against the Sudanese.Anyhow there are many rebels in Sudan than Darfur who need that money too.
I do not want to say anything but this is not the first time something like this happen , check out this news from 2001.
Updates No.1 
1- This is not good , an official from Egypt stated that the abductors threatened to kill the hostages if there was any attempt to find their location by a plane , I think the brainy Sudanese officials should not spell the beans about the location they found !!
2- BBC Published very powerful and insightful commentary about the latest crisis in Egypt
3- I got the rest of the German and the Romanian hostages names but unfortunately in Arabic , I can't translate them because I know German names can have different spelling
Updates No.2
1- The Sudanese government announced the exact possible location of the hostages , 25 km South west the borders with Egypt
I tried to locate it , you know playing around with google earth ,calculating the distance from the Gelf Al Kebir ,I found some hills in the area, may be they are there , after all those abductors won't stay in the naked desert like this so any plane would spot them

View Larger Map
2- I am lost here some Egyptian sources imply that the government knew about the kidnap on Friday and others say we knew about on Sunday , may be they were kidnapped on Friday.
3- The Egyptian Government asked the media to be careful and cautious , I do not blame it really there was a media chaos on Tuesday
Update No.2
1- There are some resources saying that abductors from Djibouti !! "Ok but they seem to know their way very well in this area !!"
2- The Chad President refused that accusations that the abductors are from his country.
3- The tourism ministry freezed the safari trips to the Gelf Al Kebir untill further notice.
4- Where is our prime minister by the way ?? Where did our tall man go ??
5- Here are the rest of the names of Egyptian hostages :
  • Abd El-Halim Ragab Said  "A Driver"
  • Milod Abbas Abd El-Wahab "A Driver"
  • Sherif Farouk Mohamed "A companion/guide"
  • Hassan Abd El-Manam Mohamed "A guide"
  • Mahmoud Mohamed "ِA Captain in the Borders guide" - Yes a Captain !! 
6- Abu El-Gait is mad at NY because of the false statement that made him look so bad as usual , he blamed Cairo for the misleading  him.
7-"Aegyptus" company employees are trying to aviod the media that they called the police.
8-The Ransom now officially is US $ 6 Million

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