Egyptian Chronicles: Read how Israel deliberately forgets its history

Monday, September 1, 2008

Read how Israel deliberately forgets its history

Please read this very interesting article by Shlomo Sand;a professor of History at Tel Aviv University. Read it till the end.It is very  controversial because it discuss the origin of the Jews ,sorry it goes beyond that saying that the Palestinians were in the fact the real owners , they are descends of the Jews who converted to Christianity then to Islam as far as I understand , may be I did not get right ,it is a radical thought in the end.

As a Muslim I believe in the Exodus but I think the disagreement point here is the which pharaoh or king we are speaking about , we all agree that he was in the modern kingdom but which King or dynasty, Ramses II fits in the profile still we do not for sure he was the Pharaoh of exodus, do not forget that ancient Egyptians did not record their defeats.

Shlomo published this thoughts in book that caused a lot of stir in Israel ,it is called “When and How the Jewish People Was Invented?” in Hebrew that was translated in French , as you can it is very catchy name for a taboo .For sure if Shlomo was not Israeli Jew , he would be sued immediately for anti-Semitism.

Here is an interview from Haaretz with Shlomo , also here is a review of the book in the same newspaper

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