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Monday, September 1, 2008

Ramadan Karim

Ramadan Karim

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Today is the start of the holy month of Ramadan in most of the Islamic countries :)

This is my annual visit to the lanterns shop at Dokki , it is their season , they know me and I became a regular visitor with my camera.

Most of their lanterns are beautiful handmade Egyptian ,they are expensive and mostly used in decoration in homes not for children because they are heavy.

Children buy the Chinese Plastic because they are like toys, they are made of plastic which is much lighter , the Chinese add to it nice 2008-08-30 001 047songs of Ramadan with cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse,Daisy,Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh , the prices of the Chinese lantern is cheaper than the original Egyptian handmade one.

The industry of Ramadan lanterns is in danger despite its importance because of the Chinese invasion still it is trying to survive.Not even 100,000 traditional Chinese lanterns with their world fame will take the place of our beautiful lantern in our hearts.

Many people still love  this tradition lantern and appreciate it. Already I believe we can revive this industry 365 days not only in one season if we promote it just the Moroccan lanterns.

Ramadan Karim to all Muslims around the globe

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  1. Ramadan Kareem to Egypts Number 1 female Blogger

  2. Plastic is lighter than metal? Seriously?! Gee woman, thanks for the tip!

  3. Anonymous1: You are by no doubt the dumbest reader on the planet. If she is the no. 1 female blogger, than I should receive the Nobel prize.

  4. Ramadan Kareem ya Zeinab for you, your family, and all Egypt.
    PS:I'd pay 20 bucks out of my pocket and see your face reading the 3 Anonymous comments above

  5. Anonymous 3 from Anonymous 1: you are no doubt causing cyber traffic pollution perhaps your only brain cell needs some electric shock treatment- I highly suggest that you need to be attached to a fanoos for a few hours before you attempt to answer me again.

    @Zeinobia such jealousy you recieve from low-life people dear- I guess that means you are doing well mashallah

    I would love to see the blogs of these people that come here and give negative comments- if they are able to construct more than pessimism and negativity that would be a start

  6. @anonymous#1 Allah Akram and thanks so much , I am blushed already :)

    @anonymous#2 you welcome

    @anonymous#3 Nobel Prize in what exactly :P

    @Hazem , Allah Akram my dear friend , I am smiling now

    @anonymous 4 , thank you so much , this means so much to me :)


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