Egyptian Chronicles: Mohamed Farid Khamis to lose some of his immunity

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mohamed Farid Khamis to lose some of his immunity

Mohamed Farid Khamis was stripped from his legal immunity as a member in the Shura Council in order to be interrogated by the high state security prosecutor for bribing a judge in the State Council.
The strip of immunity is partial. I do not know what is difference between Complete and partial strip of immunity in the Egyptian laws to be honest.
So it is true ……There is something strange in the air !!
Update : According to Al Ahram in the first page in the second and the third print , Khamis was not stripped from his immunity , the Shura council let him to be interrogated in front of the prosecution in the case without stripping his immunity.
Still it is important message from the NDP 

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  1. Dear Zeinobia,
    what youve heard and what some of the press has released is not true u will find an apology in the saturday al- ahram to MFK. for any questions email me @
    thank you,
    Mohamed Mohamed Farid Khamis

  2. @Mohamed Mohamed Farid Khamis,
    thanks for your comment ,of course I appreciate your concern on your father and his reputation but I wish that this apology will be a conclusive and will no leave any doubt about your father innocence.I do not have to say that people now are skeptical from the official statements
    Now I got one question do you think that someone is behind this rumor ??

  3. well i cannot say for now but soon we will find out. he was not stripped from his immunity and if you look at the second or third print of al ahram friday you will see that the words of the article have been changed to something better. will update u

  4. @anonymous , got no second print but I found it online thanks for the update

  5. @Mohamed Mohamed Farid Khamis
    Its good and healthy thing that you defend your father on Zeinobia's blog. However I have a question for you if you care to respond. Wouldn't have been better donating the money you paid Enrico Iglesias to sing in your sister's wedding ceremony for a better cause?
    I am sure there are plenty of better causes money can be spent in Egypt these days. Don't you agree with me?

  6. well yes but if u care to do your research the money that my dad spends on good causes every month is a lot more than what the concert cost.

  7. Dear Hazem..
    I appreciate your concern, and can understand where your frustration comes from due to the unstable state of the government and what it has been doing to try and sedate its citizens.. but dont you think it would be rather unfair to judge a letter by its cover rather than reading its contents first?? I dont believe it is any of your personal business to ask a question like this, considering that you are an educated person.. Putting aside the fact that Mr. Khamis (as the father) is happy that his daughter is getting married, just like any normal dad would be, lets cc how many young men are being employed in his many ventures locally and worldwide.. I believe he is a great business mogul and if you care to represent yourself with an opinion, you should do some research on your own and read what this man has done to Egypt going back to the 70's & 80's on the economical, political, & social levels to the people of his country...
    thank you for your time in reading my post!!

  8. @Mohamed Mohamed Farid Khamis, Thank you for your quick response. I did try to do some research on your Dad's website. Unfortunately when I tried to click on your Dad's foundation link, my anti-virus program blocked my access.

    @A.T., I have no doubt that Mr. Khamis is one of the most talented and successful businessmen in the world. However, since Mr. Khamis lives in a country where 44% of the population earn less than 2 dollars/day with extreme distribution of wealth and his company is a publicly traded company, it would be my business and the business of all shareholders to ask questions like the one I asked.
    I would like to remind you that there was a group of officers in 1950's and 60's who saw that kind of behavior as a reason for their revolution and nationalization policies which ultimately damaged our economy.
    I certainly don't like to see that is happening to Egypt again.
    Finally I would like to see our moguls and tycoons in Egypt do half or fourth of what Bill Gates and Warren Buffet did allocating lots of their money to charitable organizations.

  9. كم هي الأحكام التي نصدرها على الناس بمجرد سماع كلمة من هنا أو هناك ,كم تقطعت من أواصر , و تحولت المحبة إلى عداوة والقرب إلى بعد والألفة والمودة إلى جفوة وغلظة ,كل هذا نتيجة لكلمات سمعها المسلم عن أخيه المسلم ولم يتبين ولم يتثبت .
    ويحق في بعض الناس قول الله - عز وجل - :{ إذ تلقونه بألسنتكم } وهذا تعبير قرآني فريد، التلقي بالأذن لكنه لما أسرعوا من نقله من آذانهم إلى ألسنتهم، قال تلقونه بألسنتكم، ليس هناك وقت ولا فاصل بين التلقي والإرسال، مباشرة يرسل من غير ما ترويّ ولا تثبت، وينسى قول الله - سبحانه وتعالى -: {يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِن جَاءكُمْ فَاسِقٌ بِنَبَأٍ فَتَبَيَّنُوا أَن تُصِيبُوا قَوْماً بِجَهَالَةٍ فَتُصْبِحُوا عَلَى مَا فَعَلْتُمْ نَادِمِينَ }الحجرات6

    و ايضا: {يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اجْتَنِبُوا كَثِيراً مِّنَ الظَّنِّ إِنَّ بَعْضَ الظَّنِّ إِثْمٌ وَلَا تَجَسَّسُوا وَلَا يَغْتَب بَّعْضُكُم بَعْضاً أَيُحِبُّ أَحَدُكُمْ أَن يَأْكُلَ لَحْمَ أَخِيهِ مَيْتاً فَكَرِهْتُمُوهُ وَاتَّقُوا اللَّهَ إِنَّ اللَّهَ تَوَّابٌ رَّحِيمٌ }الحجرات12

    وواقع الناس اليوم يشهد تساهلاً مُفرِطاً في نقل ما يسمعون من أحكام وفتاوى وأخبار وأحداث سواء تعلّقت بعلماء أو زعماء ومشاهير أو عامة وكلما كثر جهل المتحدث، وقل ورعه كان أشدّ وأجرأ في هذا المضمار.
    يقول تعالى: (وَلاَ تَقْفُ مَا لَيْسَ لَكَ بِهِ عِلْمٌ إِنَّ السَّمْعَ وَالْبَصَرَ وَالْفُؤَادَ كُلُّ أُولئِكَ كَانَ عَنْهُ مَسْؤُولاً). [سورة الإسراء:36].
    وقد ورد عن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم أنه قال : ( بئس مطية الرجل زعموا ) ، والحديث عند أبي داود وهو صحيح، ومعنى قوله ( بئس مطية الرجل زعموا ) أي قول زعموا كذا أو قالوا كذا .. هل سمعته منه ؟ هل رأيته يفعله ؟ يقول : لا ولكن قالوا " هذه وكالة يقولون ، وكالة باطلة في القرآن "
    وكم من خبرٍ في أمورنا الخاصة وحياتنا الشخصية تلقيناه دون تمحيص ورمينا آخرين بتهم وجزلنا بوقوعهم في الخطاء ثم تبين من بعد أننا لم نعي ما سمعنا ، وأننا تجاوبنا مع عواطفنا ومشاعرنا دون أن نتثبت على وفق المنهج القرآني .. { قل هاتوا برهانكم إن كنتم صادقين } .

  10. I agree with Mohamed Mohamed Farid Khamis. No one has the right to ask this question. Respect privacy. "Mind your business" is always a good advice.
    Seems you have no idea about Mr. Farid Khamis. If you really have read the national and opposition newspapers, have attended many different charity events , you would not be in need to click on Mr. Farid's foundation link to learn more about him.
    His charity activities speak for him.

  11. @anonymous with my all respect what do you mean that no one has the right to ask this question and to respect privacy?? there are laws and as far as I understand from the national official newspapers and the claims of the NDP no one is above the law.
    Mr. Khamis with my all respect as a human ,as a businessman and as a politician is not above the level of suspicion !!

  12. Well, I just ran into the comments posted here. Being a normal egyptian citizen who belongs to the middle class and who got education above PhD, I might be representing the voice of education and wisdome being 36 yrs old. I personally think that we are not in a position to judge and evaluate people spending their own money regardless how rich they are or how poor surrounding people are, even if we discuss Zakat el mal as a financial or economic system, this is a relationship between the man and Allah. We can only defend our right if anyone tries to over-ride "our" right through running business in a corrupt way. And I really see it very unfair to start acusing people without a tangable and solid clue or proof. Thus, I really advise you not to help in spreading rumours (about Khamis or others) except when you have a valid clue and not to forget that the power of press and media is mis-used (alot) by many people for personal gains.
    I don't think that any person should pay the price just for being rich or famous, and that does not mean at all that we should be passive towards any corruption or unjust practices.

  13. @Dr. Anonymous, I totally agree with you but let's not to blame the media always

  14. in my opinion Mohamed Farid Khamis is the best businessman in egypt, that is for his good spends of mony, and all the citizens of 10of ramdan city knows that!!!

  15. I personally know very well Mr.Farid Khamis and his family. He is very humble men,very successful buisnessmen. He helped to my son while he was student. I will never forget it. I support his son that is no one business about the daughter's wedding cost and to whom they will invite. In the whole world we can not be the same level and one person can not give the money to everybody.
    I wish the family Khamis all the best, the deserve it.
    P.S. My son got the name after Farid Khamis.


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