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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Leave the execution law alone

Some people want to cancel the execution laws in Egypt ,they say that we will be civilized despite the fact there are other civilized countries in the World that still have their own execution laws for example : The United States where only 16 states from its 50 states canceled the death penalty from its punishment statement
I am against this cancellation.You can not cancel it because you will give the people an excuse to seek vengeance by themselves.
There are certain crimes that should have the death penalty like murder and rape. Do you know how are the feelings of the rape victims ?? Do you know how are the feelings of the families of murder victims ?? We are Eastern emotional people for God Sake !!
From two Weeks Egypt was shocked by the murder of a Merchant by the hands of a doctor , it was an awful crime. I read a statement for the victim’s wife who is an educated middle class woman promising that she would kill that doctor by her own hands if he was not executed because she is an Upper Egyptian in the end.
It is in the Islamic Sharia and in the Quran , it is described as a relief to the victim’s family and a life for other people to spare them from murderers and criminals,it is justice for those who kill and rape other people. Unlike the FGM ,it is in Quran.
Canceling the execution law will not make from us a civilized country only. Some wise people say that the execution penalty did not stop the crime , well for sure it did not because there are other factors in this matter from economic to social to psychological. Also the cancellation of this penalty did not stop the crimes either. Look to Joseph Fritzl and what he had done to his daughter for God Sake.
The Criminals in Egypt will be very happy to stay in Jail for the rest of their lives eating and sleeping for free !!
Yes I know that the UAE does not apply the execution and this is why there was a rumour circulating in Egypt that Hisham and Suzanne case would be transferred there. Anyhow with my all respect to the UAE legal system , this is not 100 % just country , just countries do not differ between their native citizens and foreigners , you all remember the French boy case.
There are other laws that should be canceled now more than anytime dealing with the freedom of expression. The Western Human rights Organizations and the EU should back off from this matter.
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  1. interesting post, but there are only 50 states in the US

  2. sorry for this mistake despite we in Egypt always consider Israel the 51st State ;)

  3. N. American Princess9/28/2008 08:48:00 PM

    wallahi damik khafeef.

    I live in a country that does not have capital punishment and all i can say is that you end up with pedophiles, murderers, rapists etc. spending minimal time in jail and then being released into the general public. Child molesters get a joke of a penalty here especially. Serial killers may get life in prison but so what. Western prisons are a lot nicer than 3rd world ones. Solitary confinement but with amenities.

    I thought the basis of Egyptian law was the Shariah?

  4. @N.American Princess,this is what I mean , what is the use of letting serial killers live the rest of their lives behind bars ,it is not as the same punishment they punished their victims with
    Charles Manson is still alive and got fans ,believe it or not ,after his horrible crimes he got fans !!??
    Yes the basis of the Egyptian Law is Sharia but some people want us to cancel the death penalty like Dubai whose also laws based on Sharia
    already the crimes which end with execution penalty the Mufti must say his opinion regarding the case for instant like the famous Raya and Sakina case


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