Egyptian Chronicles: Latest updates about the Al Doweiqa

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Latest updates about the Al Doweiqa

Now it is 8:42 PM Cairo Local time.
Here are the latest updates about Egypt’s latest catastrophe.
  • The army since the afternoon and the police are trying to remove an old unused railway that has been there since pre-1952 ,My grand ma remembers it.If they remove ,they will be able to enter heavy machines from bulldozers so they can remove the massive rocks.The area is too norrow to let bulldozers reach the place.
  • The only bulldozer there is owned by the army and it is not that good.
  • Now the people are looking for torches so they can search for their relatives alone.
  • The death toll reached to 30 persons :(
  • The government evacuated at last the neighbour houses for fear of other rockslides “Too late”
  • The prime minister visited the injured El-Hussein Hospital and said that the government would have given those misfortunate families the keys of their new houses in Suzanne Mubarak residential project after 3 weeks but fate did not give them a Chance !! “Yes ,blame it on fate , it is easy to blame it on some else !!”
  • Here are some photos taken my dear friend Mohamed El-Ghafari

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Updates no.2 @10:35 PM CLT

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  1. It's 12 am now and they still can't get bulldozers inside , I heard that there are 38 houses under these rocks

    Something is wrong today ,There is a fire in El Hussein and another in Luxor

    Btw a friend told me Abu Ghazala died, I highly doubt this

  2. @Mohamed , unfortunately your friend is right , his funeral was today for Al Rashdan , May Allah bless his soul , he died in a holy month.
    I am afraid the bulldozers can't go inside due to many factors ,the buildings in the shantytowns are too close to each ,there are no streets
    also the rocks are too heavy ,it is so so sad :(


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