Egyptian Chronicles: The latest death toll of Al Doweiqa rockslide

Monday, September 8, 2008

The latest death toll of Al Doweiqa rockslide

This is the latest death of Al Doweiqa rockslide that shocked the whole nation from two days ago:
41 were killed and more than 55 were injured
Till now there is official no missing list,the people there are saying there are between 200-500 people under the huge boulders
The people are extremely angry and they have to , they attacked the police forces and accused them of being lazy.
To be honest I think the rescue works are too difficult ,the location makes it too hard for equipments to operate or even enter in the shanty town
still it is the government responsibility in the beginning and in the end.Many experts warned from this area and yet the government let those people live there with no care what so ever.
The army as usual saves the days as it can still what it can do in this circumstance.
The army evacuated about 35 houses in the same area for fear another rock slide would happen.
The people were not transferred to Suzanne Mubarak residential project yet ,they are left in tents
The people revealed in several newspapers that they sent to the first lady many complains about their problem still there is no respond
I think as people and a society we should not wait for the government to do something , we should act , for God Sake we are in Ramada, Rasala and similar groups should go to those people and offer their help in all possible way
This is the least thing we can do .
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