Egyptian Chronicles: Jesus was against torture

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jesus was against torture

Andrew Sullivan wrote in his daily Dish last week about a poll conducted in America about torture ,the sample is Southern evangelicals which are  the base of  Neo Conservatives.
57 percent of respondents said that torture can be often or sometimes justified to gain important information from suspected terrorists !!
It is a strange that Bush uses it because as far as I know these guys are Christians who believe in Jesus and Jesus "Peace upon him" was against the use in Violence in general.
Is not this a contradiction to their basic believes !!???
Or torture is acceptable for non Christians !!??
Before anyone jumps in to the wagon and says what about Islam , real Islam prohibits torture and our Political regimes that use torture day and night against their own people should not be considered as real Islamic regime even if they claim to be so.
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  1. It is even worse when they are simply "suspected terrorists" - when they are innocent people who have the "wrong look". Its happened too many times to become acceptable.

    Also, the US is the biggest culprit in triggering terrorism.

  2. @Djinn, unfortunately it happened too many times that it became regular , expected not only acceptable but supported by the people themselves

  3. You say "real Islam prohibits torture".

    Obviouly you haven't read the Quran and ahadith. Or maybe cutting off fingertips, or opposing hands and feet, or crucifiction, or burning out eyes with iron and letting people die of thirst is not really torture.

    This is what Islam's writings say. If you consider this an insult, so be it. Your prophet not only said and did these things, but you say "Praise be unto him" after his name.

    Deleting this comment, because it offends you, doesn't change anything.


  4. @Jay as if I did not the Holy Quran and the life of Profit Mohamed ¨pbuh¨, as if I do not understand Arabic well ,as If Islam do not curse the people who torture an animal and do not give them water
    my dear I am not offended because I was sure that I would receive such comments

  5. Jay as many other westerns reads the Quran without an atempt to undeerstand Islam.

    If seen the discussion corner in Hyde Park, London once and I think muslim need to do more make Islam more clear t the others

    Jay I say as Zeinobia said your comment is not an ofend but it is pointing out something that we have to do


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