Egyptian Chronicles: It will be an insult to Nobel Prize

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It will be an insult to Nobel Prize

There was a silly rumor MENA spread from couple of days that President Mubarak is going to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize !!???
Yes I swear this what I and other Egyptians read .
Do not ask me why or for what.
But you must know Mubarak and his wife are dying to get this prestigious award.
Anyhow suddenly MENA  pulled back  the news in no time , no comment from the Presidency and the Official news media are acting as if there was nothing announced.
I think the Egyptian Presidency knows that news will be the joke of the hour in Egypt not to mention in the world
Nobel Peace Prize for what ??
He did not succeed in stopping any war or any conflict for God Sake like Anwar Al Sadat
His regime is after the opposition and is sending its icons to jails
His economic policies are the worst , the poverty rates in Egypt are increasing fearfully in the last 5 years
How many young men died while crossing the Mediterranean to get to Europe ??
How Many Egyptian people died because of the administrative corruption in his era ??
It will be an insult for Nobel Peace Prize and its winners across the history if this man were just nominated for real
As Egyptian I will not be proud if he were nominated
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  1. Well-said Zeinobia! I can't believe how this world is going. It's truly an insult to Nobel and to us, Egyptians. That's unless Nobel awards people for corruption and greed.

  2. Nobel for dictatorship Abdurrahman , for dictatorship !!

  3. dont u mix things ??
    peace has nothing to do with guys crossing the med sea and die there.
    he didnt stop any wars, coz he kept egypt away from wars,
    sudan, lybia, syrya, lebanon, yemen, iraq.. they all got a hit by USA, they are around us... he kept egypt in the safe place, and dont forget our lovely friend, israel, he kept us away from any wars too for decades.
    remember, no one wins in wars, all countries lose in war.. defenders, and attackers.
    well, peace proze has nothing to do with our internal political status...
    surly he will not going to win the prize for the population satisfaction !
    and no words can be said... coz maybe we r monitored now ;-)
    got me tab3an !!

  4. @Ramy , I do not understand what wars he made us stay away from , please do not repeat the NDP words and from these urban myths
    Just before you understand my words in a wrong way my dear friend we would have avoided wars but on the same time we had maintained our position as leader in the area.
    When I speak about his role in Peace , I am speaking about the so-called Egyptian initiatives in Palestine ,Lebanon and Sudan that never worked , we used to be the bridge between the west and Syria , now Syrians do not trust us and trust Qatar


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