Egyptian Chronicles: It was too good to be true

Sunday, September 7, 2008

It was too good to be true

It was too good to be true , I could not believed myself when I read it, I thought for a second that someone from the Oil ministry has read my post about our Egyptian Natural gas reserve but of course this is untrue.
It was some like a beautiful dream that unfortunately like any dream it has to end and we are back in the bitter real world. By the way Al Badeel is saying Egypt cut or halted the export of gas because it is negotiating about the price again.
ًًWe do not have much reserve of gas according to international studies ,do not put so much hope on the undiscovered gas in the Western desert.
I believe we must satisfy the local consumption all the over the country before speaking about exporting in an international energy crisis time.
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  1. Well done. I didn't think it was possible for you to make yourself appear any more conceited than you already do - and you went and out did yourself. Even I'm impressed.

  2. well I am not conceited as you think, I am being sarcastic here,if you do not get what i am trying to say then I am sorry for this


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