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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It happens all the time

Witchcraft , Africa and Football
I was not surprised to read that news yesterday because as an African whose football teams plays in African championships whether the league or the nations cup I know that this is very normal
Unfortunately some African people bring their wizards to the stadium to put spells on the other teams so they would lose.
It happened a lot with our teams especially the national team and it scares them a lot, already most of our footballers come from the country side where the witchcraft culture is still dominate despite the increasing religious trend there . Our national team used to find witch spells outside their hotel rooms especially outside the room of our goal keeper.

It is very sad after all this is just game ,a sport not a war not to mention how sad to depend on witchcraft in that age
Africa and Witchcraft , another problem facing the sad continent , it is related to Ignorance and ignorance is related to poverty ,it is just a closed circle

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