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Friday, September 12, 2008

Interesting ad at interesting timing

I found that interesting ad at Al Ahram today 12/9/2008 , today is the weekly edition of Al Ahram , 75% of it is on the form of ads.

I found that ad in page 36


A Very important request

We buy all areas and stages at “Madinaty” with suitable price !!??

Madinaty is the huge residential project of TMG , the same project for which TMG is spending millions in ads to calm down the people that everything is fine despite the humiliating arrest of its former CEO.Madinaty till now is not finished , the first stage I think will be finished in 2010 !!

There are MPs in the Parliament are demanding an explanation how TMG got 56 Million meter square !!

When Madinaty was announced and its units were open to sale ,there was a liquidity problem at the Egyptian banks.

Why would someone want to buy all areas in all stages now ?? Why would someone want to sell now ??

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