Egyptian Chronicles: Ibrahim Eissa .. it started in Ramadan and it ended in Ramadan

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ibrahim Eissa .. it started in Ramadan and it ended in Ramadan

I remember that it started in Ramadan 2007 and it has ended in Ramadan 2008.
I remember that it started with a witch hunt against couple of journalists including Eissa and today it ended by imprisoning Eissa for two months because he spread rumours about the President’s health !!
Strangely it started in the beginning of Ramadan and now it ended in the end of Ramadan just days before the feast.
Eissa had to appeal the court order in last March still the appeal result was unlike to what we hope despite we all expected that something like that would happen. Two months in prison !! of course they are better than the original verdict but in the end it is jail.
Did not President Mubarak promise that journalists will not be sent to jail in his presidential period because of expression and opinions issues !! Oh yeah I forgot the man spread rumours !!  He did not spread any rumour what so ever for God Sake , I can’t believe how they fabricate truth
After the news of this sad verdict , I knew that Eissa would hold a press in the Al Dostor Newspaper then I knew that his lawyer would hold the press conference and Eissa will go by himself to the authorities so he can start his time in jail :(
Tomorrow there will be a protest in front of the Journalists Syndication on its famous stairs downtown Cairo in objection to this sad disgusting rule.
And in Arabic here is the essay that caused all that buzz “ The Gods do not become sick"- Spread it and translate it guys , this is the least thing we can do.
1- The Journalists of Al Dostor will have a stand in the Journalists Syndication tonight at 8 CLT

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  1. Not that I'm a fan of Eissa or his articles or anything, but imprisoning him for two months or even two minutes is totally unjust and unacceptable. I finally got to read "Gods Don't Get Sick"; by the way, thanks for posting it! Man! That guys' words can never be more true.
    I have just read a tiny article about the same subject in Al-Ahram today saying that the national economy and the public interest had suffered because of what he said. It also said that what he said had a bad influence on investors and that it stirred horror among citizens!! To be even more funny, it said that the stock exchange had lost 88 point and investments worth $350 millions were withdrawn because of what he said. It's just too sick.

  2. @Hina wi Hinak , He did not influence anything ,I got a friend a brokerage company managing director and during that time he told me that nothing happened at all and Eissa spoke about the matter after it was down and up again but look when they want to teach someone a lesson they will
    in 1960s the Nasserite regime accused the MB of preparing an atomic bomb !! I swear I do not laugh at all


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