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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I will not say No but ....

I received an invitation for a group in the Facebook calling for choosing General Abd El-Salam Mahgoub ,the current minister of local development and former popular Governor of Alexandria as the next president of Egypt in 2011.
Abd El-Salam Mahgoub is widely respected in Egypt for his achievements in Alexandria , this man returned parts of Alexandria long time lost glory and beauty. Some know his great history in the Egyptian Intelligence since the 1960s and know the former deputy manager of the EI was an excellent field officer. Many do not know that he was the real Patron Zachariah "الريس زكريا" in Gomaah El-Showan or Ahmed El-Hawan famous operation. "Thanks for Embee"
He is a military who succeeded in civilian life and got excellent administrative experience "As governor of Alexandria,; for me he is more experience than Sarah Palin and John McCain"
Still I am afraid that despite how great General Mahgoub is , he may not be the best candidate generally speaking in a perfect world conditions due to one reason : His health.
General Mahgoub is not a young man and his health problems can be worsen with the responsibilities of a President , this man got heart diseases for God Sake.
I did not join this group but I won't lie that for years I wished that he would be our president.
I want to share a little story I heard from My grand dad about this man and his past in the intelligence , it shows a little bit of his personality. In 1960s President Nasser had on going cold war against King Hussein of Jordan reached to the level that Nasser decided to get rid from tot crown Prince Abdullah then King Now , the plan was to poison the little Prince, it was Mahgoub's assignment that he refused to do it because he had children of his own , right after this incident King Abdullah made his brother Prince Hassan Crown Prince of Jordan.
Also General Mahgoub was one of the gentlemen along with legendary Mohamed Nassim in the famous Pilgrim operation in Ivory Coast
Here is a short bio of the general :
  • Mohamed Abd El-Salam Mahgoub was born in 1935 in Mansoura.
  • Graduated from the war school in 1955.
  • There is no much information about his work in the EI except what I mentioned.
  • Egypt's military attache at several countries.
  • He was the deputy of the National Security Minister aka the head of the Egyptian intelligence from 1992 to 1994.
  • The Governor of Ismalia from August 1994 to July 1997.
  • He was the governor of Alexandria from 1997 to 2006.
  • Currently he is the minister of local development.
Generals Omar Soliman and Abd El-Salam Mahgoub are currently only the military names available as possible successors to Mubarak after the death of Abd El-Halim Abu Ghazla "Despite my opinion about the late man" and the disappearance of Salah El-Halaby from the public life "Former Chief of Staff"
Of course in popularity Mahgoub wins Soliman for his years as a governor. Still he is not known worldwide like Soliman.
P.S it is sad thing when I found nothing about the man in the official Website of Alexandria where he is mentioned in the Isamilia Governorate offical website !!

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  1. Goma'a Al Shawan's real name is Ahmed El Hawan and it's Military Academy.

  2. Thanks Embee for reminding me with his real name , I kept hours trying to do it, this simple Ramadan Effect :)


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