Egyptian Chronicles: I can't believe it is blogger

Monday, September 15, 2008

I can't believe it is blogger blogs are known to be less attractive than other blogging platforms , let's face it the team does not add new layouts to the like and , no they depend that people ; the blogger users are experts in CSS to change the layouts of their blogs !!

Anyhow is not that bad in fact I think it has an advantage over other hosted blogging platform especially that it gives the freedom to change as you want in your layout , the sky is limit if you know how to drive a plane.

These are some blogs I think you will be amazed just like I did when I know that these are blogs


Ok be shocked

  • Uptime Studio : It is not your average blog , in fact it is website , similar to a CMS , yes a CMS on blogger !!?

Up time Studio

  • Woork : When I visited this blog by accident ,I did not believe it was a blog except when I read the URL . “I visited it before it  changed its theme to CNN inspired one”


  • Flair in the city : this is not a wordpress nor expression engine nor movable type , it is our , yes it is girly but it is wonderful and amazing

Flair in the city

Doug Cloud Blog

Home school diaries

By the way the Egyptian Blogsphere at got its wonderful designs too

  • Shabak ; Alexandrian blog about Arts especially Cinema , his blogger designs are distinguished the Egyptian blogsphere.


Bani Zeryab

What do you think people ??

You can make something beautiful from , of course some of these design were made by professionals .

Before I go , I would recommend that you visit the first Blogger Showcase built on

Blogger Showcase

Also I recommend you to visit Blogger Buster and its forum if you want to change from Blog but do not know how :)

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  1. المدونات دي شكلها بجنن.. !!

  2. بالفعل يجننوا :)


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