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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The hostages updates

1-There is no much about the hostages except they are in Sudan currently with in the location identified by the Sudanese authorities.
2-Some reports are denying the death threats in case of any rescue attempt, I think these death threats are true otherwise why do not the security force interfere and liberate those hostages ??
3- The Safari trips companies are living their worst days in Egypt, most foreigners canceled their trips and the authorities banned the trips in that area for the time being and I can’t blame them.
4- Here is the info of the Romanian tourist in the group
She is 33 years old  Oana Irina Kalis, She was born in Iasi ,Romania but currently living in Germany , she is married to one of the German hostages. I do not know but I think it is good thing to have her husband beside her in that hard time.
5- The nationality of the abductors is one big mystery , either the officials know and are hiding it from the media or they do not know and it will be a catastrophe and an insult to us. All what we are sure from that they are Africans but from where ??
6- I do not know but I think they got an Egyptian accomplice otherwise how they knew the movement of this group not to mention their way across the Egyptian borders. They could not have waited in the desert for a random tourists group so they would abduct it !!
7- How did they abduct the Captain in the Borders guards !!?
8- There are more information about the German hostages.
Two of them “ 69 years old woman and 37 years old man” are from Baden-Wuerttemberg region.
Update No.1
1- The Sudanese Foreign minister is saying that the abductors were all Egyptians , the thing which is denied officially by the Egyptian State !! I will not be surprised if they were Egyptians because it will make sense how they knew their way in Egypt and hunted down this particular group.
2- The Sudanese and Chadian Intelligence are involved with the intelligence services from Egypt,Italy and Germany.
3- The Egyptian Military Intelligence is one currently involved heavily in this crisis.
4- The media reports conflict is still there.
5- Germany and Italy were the one that asked no rescue works that can jeopardize their citizens.
Update No.2
1- Al Masry Al Youm Daily News published couple of photos for two of the four Egyptian drivers currently hostages
2- Al Masry Al Youm published mini interviews with the families of the Egyptian hostages , mainly the drivers, you can read parts of it here.
3- Al Masry Al Youm mentioned an interesting fact that Aegypteus company was practicing some sort of monopoly in the trips at Gelf Al Kebir
Update No.2 :
1- It seems that Khartoum gave a green light to us for special rescue operation in case of the negotiations failure,already there is a commandos team that currently in the area watching and waiting.
2- It is not only the Military Intelligence that is involved in the Situation but also the State Security too.
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