Egyptian Chronicles: Has anyone seen Badr !!?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Has anyone seen Badr !!?

Do You remember Badr I vessel ? If you do not ,then please remember it now because the families of its missing crew are thinking about them day and night, their families are spending Ramadan without knowing anything about their men in the sea for about 7 months now . I am 100% sure that their families do not waste a single moment in Ramadan without Praying to God to know the destiny of their men.

No one is speaking about Badr I as it should be , it is our role to keep it alive especially in the media forming some sort of a pressure on the officials.

This is a strange X-File can be closed if the officials act in more live way , these are Egyptian and Arab citizens.They should return back to their homes and their families and if heavens forbid they are not alive ,then their families should know , they should not be left in the dark like this.

I think this should be a question to the ministers of National security,defense,transportation and foreign ministers in the next Parliamentary session  : Where is Badr I ??

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