Egyptian Chronicles: Follow Up : The electric shock stick girl revealed

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Follow Up : The electric shock stick girl revealed

It turned out there was an investigation conducted by the police in the incident,it is good thing seriously bravo , even if it was done only to save the reputation of the Police and the interior ministry ,it is better than nothing .
Now to the big discoveries Al Masry Al Youm today published :
1-Shereen ,the infamous heroine of the infamous smearing video clip is not a daughter of a State Security colenal on contrary to what she said in the video .
2-It turned out that she is the daughter of a physician working in Garga at Sohag,Upper Egypt
3-She works in clothing business.
4- The man whom she called in the mobile phone was her friend , a hotel manager .
5- She pretended to be a colonel's daughter and made this fake phone call to scare Ahmed, the owner of the other car.
6-The stick she was holding according to the police was not an anti-riot stick !! It was a normal stick , with my all respect this is not a normal stick
7-It is a strange thing that there were three generals investigating the matter including the a general from the anti-riot forces.
8-The official statement says that the girl is facing already 3 lawsuits of fake shakes .
So she is a liar , I am not surprised
It is very dangerous thing when the citizens reach to this level ,It shows you how the people look to the police as some kind of power and fear source !!!
Now with my all respect I am not convinced with that stick story ,this is not a normal stick , normal sticks do not look like this ,of course it is easier to say this because if it is an electrical stick than it means that it was leaked from the police to the civilans and this means a very big problem , may be they are trying to solve it now still they need to keep their diginty,
BY the incident was published today in three newspapers and each one has a different version of the story , different info about the girl.
Two of these newspapers are official , Al- Akhbar and Rosa Al Youssef ,where as the third is Al Masry El-Youm.
Above it is mentioned that she is working in clothing business still in another newspaper they said that she called the hotel manager she is working in at Sharm El-Sheikh, so is she a shop owner in Sharm El-Shiekh or what ??
Then It is said that her dad is working in Upper Egypt while she lives in Alexandria ?? Ok this is puzzling.
Look in normal civilized countries all three newspapers should publish the same statements and the same info.
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  1. you are just jealous because you are ugly, you have no car, and of a very humble origin

  2. It has become so common these days , "Enta mesh 3aref ana ab2a ebn meen " , This happens when power falls in the hand of wrong people

    BTW , These stun guns are usually smuggled from china or the states , Although They are illegal there are listings in Al Waseet every week


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