Egyptian Chronicles: The fire of the NDP HQ in Asuit

Monday, September 8, 2008

The fire of the NDP HQ in Asuit

Do you know that from couple of days there was a huge fire in the NDP HQ at Asuit in Upper Egypt ??

Do you know that that most channels in the Egyptian TV did not air the incident because it came after two weeks from the Shura fire ??The official media in Egypt did not report this fire as it should be because they know that the people would be very happy and they would wish that fire would destroy the main HQ at Cairo itself not only in Asuit !!
By the way I feel sad because the Asuit NDP HQ is in a very old Palace that seems it used to be owned by some Pasha Pre-1952 before the nationalization :(

Needless to say the NDP HQs across the Republic do not have any kind of security or protection from fire.

What I love in this whole matter the fact that they know the people would be very happy , the fact that they know they are being hated so much.

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  1. Could it be Guy Fawkes who is doing all of this ?

  2. may be who knows !! I will wait for the 5th of November may be he will blow the parliament with its members !!
    Seriously I will not hate if we have our Guy Fawkes ,we need one to wake up this country

  3. Our Guy Fawkes lies inside us!
    It's an idea whose time has almost come.

  4. @Youssef, I hope that you are right and the time has almost come because he is inside us for long time now


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