Egyptian Chronicles: El-Sadr : The missing Emam

Saturday, September 20, 2008

El-Sadr : The missing Emam

The Shiites believe that anti-Christ will be killed by the return of their missing Emam "El-Mahdi" It is a core belief for them. The Shiites  Musa_Al-Sadr_and_AbdulNaserLebanon are so sure that Mohamed El-Mahdi will return one day in the same way that Mommar El-Qaddafi had killed their Emam Musa El-Sadr.

This is another original Arabic X-File till now there are lots of question marks about despite its old age.
Last month the Lebanese Government officially indicated El-Qaddafi for the disappearance of the famous highly respected Shiite Holy Man. Already El-Qaddafi can’t step one footstep in Lebanon because of the court orders against him.He did not attend the Arab summit at Beirut because of this.The government members in Lebanon may disagree on many things but they agree on that file.

Al Sadr was trying to stop the Lebanese Civil War in 1978  when he travelled to Libya by an invitation from Al Qaddafi himself, the man went there and never returned back home till now. No one knows his ill fate till this moment despite the speculations that he was killed .

For years Libyan Republic denied that the Emam had visited it then lately it said that Al Sadr left Libya to Italy with his companions !! Italy did not confirm or deny till now. Most people say that he was killed there while the others said that Al Qaddafi sent him to one of his jail.

The “X” in this file is not about the mysterious fate but also about the reason why El-Qaddafi would be involved in disappearance of this Lebanese Political and Spiritual Icon. May be in 1978 the Libyan Leader was supporting some War team in the civil war and thought It would be a great service to them by getting rid of this man !! Or May be El-Sadr did or said something that made Al Qaddafi goes COCO , the famous theological philosopher could not predict his host bizarre attitude.

Some times I feel that the Iranian born Lebanese Cleric was a victim Al Sadr of a big international intelligence game. The Amal movement founder was totally against replacing the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and started to understand the danger lying in the South. The Syrians believe that he was killed in Libya ,where as the rest of the Arab countries are silent about it. Egypt tried to solve the matter with Lebanon but the Lebanese insisted on their position. I do not know but sometimes I feel that the Egyptian regime knows what happened to this Lebanese Cleric and is keeping that info when time comes and Al Qaddafi acts naughty. In 1978 Egypt was isolated from the Arab world thanks to the Arab countries ,many things I think would have changed if we were there during that time.

As Arab countries we should know the fate of this man in order to win not to alienate the Shiites of Lebanon more and more. 

The court rules and Government indictment against Al Qaddafi in Lebanon is new thing in our Arab world , Al Qaddafi is a President even if he does not like to be called so , we do not usually sue other Arab countries ‘Presidents or Kings and get court rules in our side.

30 years has passed on enigmatic disappearance of Emam Musa El-Sadr , I wish insh Allah some day will know the fate of this man and hopefully we will close this sad file forever.

Strangely this man is still widely respected in Lebanon after all his years and his ideas are alive by his followers unlike Al Qaddafi whose newest title the King of kings of Africa did not add anything to him except more disrespect and mockery.

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  1. N. American Princess9/20/2008 03:22:00 PM

    The King of Kings in Africa. He's a freak show and I still can't believe he is allowed to govern. He makes the N. Korean dude seem normal.

    Off topic, I keep seeing these commercials for lowered taxes in Egypt from 40% to 10% and they are funny commercials. They have average Mohamed Egyptians (I won't call them Joes) saying that a person with a property that is valued at a million pounds will pay 20 something pounds in taxes a year. And on and on they go.

    And then the brillian person who designed this gem of a commercial states with this money collected we can build roads, trains and improve other parts of our infrastructure.

    Did Egypt implement slavery? And even with free slave labour, what materials needed to build infracture can be covered by such puny, piddly amounts.

    Here I am middle class and paying 49% income tax (excluding my property taxes) but for that I have highways, roads, free health care, free education til university, all the clean water my heart desires. You get the picture. You get what you pay for. I think your government has lost its mind trying to cater to the rich by reducing taxes to such a silly amount.

    The poor (at least half if not more of the population) have no money to pay, so who will fix the roads, hospitals, schools etc. with a 10% tax rate. Those businessmen running the country need to go back to university and study how to govern if you ask me. Because with a global economic crisis coming handouts will start to shrink.

    I can move to Egypt and pay next to no tax. That's just crazy.

  2. @N.American Princess, Qaddafi is dictator of his own kind
    about the tax ads , well the average Mohamed does not believe them regardless of what they say ,they are so provocative and misleading
    Come on the property taxes will not be this small number for sure ,otherwise why the rich are so mad !!
    I wish they build good infrastructure with our taxes instead of stealing it , already do you watch the Orman Charity ads , they see that they use the Zakaa in providing clean water and electricity to the rural villages , then where our taxes go !!?? Where our revenue from the Suez Canal goes then !!?
    It is so sad
    The brainy guy who made this ad is the godfather of advertising in Egypt Tarek Nour , he missed it this time

  3. sudanese mahdist12/12/2009 02:06:00 PM

    May Allah's peace be on Muhammad and his blessed household - may Allah hasten the appearance the chosen Imam Al-Mahdi - Amen.

    As a Sudanese Shia (yes there are Sudanese Shia and by the grace of Allah we are expanding in numbers) we abhor the actions of Qadhafi.

    He has done nothing but consistently meddle in the affairs of other States - including Sudan, numerously, and is the biggest stooge in the region. The disappearance of our beloved Imam Musa As-Sadr is an example of that, Italy is being obstructive due to the billions of Euros that hang in the balance in Libya.


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