Egyptian Chronicles: The Egyptian victim in Pakistan latest bombing

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Egyptian victim in Pakistan latest bombing

It is very sad thing ,there was an Egyptian engineer who was killed in the latest terrorist act in Pakistan that targeted Marriott hotel.
His name was Tarek Ismail Fouda and he was working as CFO in Orascom's Mobilink in Pakistan. Strangely the Egyptian Embassy denied at first that there was an Egyptian in the terrible blast then they knew there was some Egyptian whom they should work on retrieving his body in order to be buried in his homeland.
It is very sad thing. He was father of two children , a 8 years old twin , a boy "Hussein" and a girl 'Mariam".
He was supposed to return back home to Cairo on the 21st of September so he could spend the Eid with his family then he would take them with him to Pakistan to live in apartment there.
The last phone call between him and his family was before the blast with few minutes , before breakfast according to Pakistan local time. His wife did not know that it was his last phone call , the last time she would hear his voice.
This man is in heaven because he is a truly martyr who was seeking his living
May God in this holy month make his blood and the blood of the innocent people who were killed in that terrorist coward act a curse on those who were behind that bombing.
Already I do not know what kind of or how much TNT was used in that bombing to make the hotel looks like that.
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  1. The explosives were 600 kg of RDX and TNT mix.

    Every human should condmen the indiscriminate savage killing of inocent people who are used as pawns in political fight.

    But we should also condemn, more aggresively, those who created the climate of despiration and anamosity. Voiceless desperate people do desperate things.

  2. Tarek was not an engineer, he was the CFO of Orascom Telecom. He was in Pakistan on business for a Subsidiary of OT.

  3. and his name is not Tarek Ismail Fouda, h is Tarek F. Fouda. Here are some links

  4. @anonymous#1, yes dictatorship makes people go mad but what the guilt those innocent did so they can die like this , it is not excuse.

    @anonymous#2thanks for the correction , my source was Al Wafd daily newspaper ,where they mentioned that he was an engineer

  5. Tarek was a brother, a friend, and a great mentor. I am so shocked and angry right now that I do not know what to write. All I know is he was a great human being, who tried to provide a good life for his family and loved ones. He died in Ramadan, on the job, and away from home. By definition, he is a martyr that is now in a better place. Please, remember him in your prayers, I know I will. Hosam

    Tarek Fouda passed away in the bombing happened @ Marriott in Pakistan so please pray for him. I can confirm that salat el ganaza will be at Al kholafaa El rashedeen mosque on Thursday 25th Sept. 2008 & el 3aza will be at Omar Makram Mosque after el 3eshaa prayers ISA.

  6. Tarek was my cousin and was like a big brother to me. You can't imagine how much we all suffered till we knew that he was actually dead. Minutes passed as hours, hours as days. His Mum, dad, wife and his whole family are in great grief and as if it's a nightmare. For me, I thank god that we found him cause allot of other people haven't found their loved ones and that he died in the last ten days of Ramadan while fasting after coming from work and most of all a martyr. I am sure that he is alive in heaven now and those who killed all those innocent people will go to hell. May god give all his family the strength.

  7. @Hossam,for sure he is in better place as a real martyr

    @anonymous "Mr.Tarek's cousin" , I do not know what to say to you except that my heart is with and your family , it is great loss May God give you patience and strength, please remember he is better place now

  8. Z, from anon 1 - Not execuse rather correct diagnostics

    Hellfire missiles, drones, special operation raids inside Pakistan and the resulting deaths of innocents have fueled nationalism. While there is much grieving for the Marriott hotel casualties, some ask why the lives of those killed by Predator drones or missile attacks are considered to be of less value. In recent weeks almost 100 innocent people have died in this fashion. No outrage and global media coverage for them.

    You should treat the disease, not the symptoms.

  9. @anonymous, I understand what you are saying but the question was not Pervez from the causes of this destabilization !! did not the nationalists succeed in removing him ??


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