Egyptian Chronicles: The Doweiqa people revolution

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Doweiqa people revolution

They have to be angry ,they have all the right to be so , in fact it is a strange thing that they were not angry before.

News reports are saying that Governor of Cairo Abd El-Azim Wazeer was attacked yesterday by the angry people of Doweiqa,they threw rocks at him and other officials in the location.Ironically he was just going to have an interview with the Egyptian National TV when the people began to throw rocks. He and other officials ran and hided at the Anti-Riots forces tents in the location.

The people are extremely angry because of the slowness of the rescue works.

The death toll reached now 61.

The smell of dead bodies is all over the place according to the reports that rescue workers complained about it.

Anyhow there are group and events in facebook to help the people of Al Doweiqa , please spread their links.

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