Egyptian Chronicles: The departure of a secrets keeper

Monday, September 29, 2008

The departure of a secrets keeper

General Fawzy Abd El-Hafez had died yesterday in Cairo , the man who was the secretary of President Sadat left in silence in the same way he preferred to live in after the assassination of President Sadat.
Unlike Samy Sharaf ,the Secretary of President Nasser , General Fawzy did not publish any memoirs what so ever revealing the secrets and the background of the Political kitchen of President Sadat's era.
I do not recall that he even made any interviews 
I believe  that this man knew a lot and preferred to be silent.
His name came back again from the shadows of the past when Mona Abdel Nasser and Sons accused his daughter Azza and her husband Assam of Killing Ashraf Marwan.
General Fawzy friendship to President Sadat goes back to 1940s when Sadat was arrested for espionage.
He was sitting right behind Sadat when the later was killed on the 6th of October 1981.
He survived the attack with a bullet in his body , I think it was in his chest.After all you can see in the photo above from the doomed parade in 1981 setting right behind President Sadat. He completed the rest of his life in Alexandria.
May Allah bless his soul.
I just feel that with the departure of this man ,we may have lost another source of history for that era .
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