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Friday, September 26, 2008

Businessmen’s edition

Last week edition of Akhabr Al Youm weekly should be named the Businessmen’s edition. Some may consider the newspaper made scoops for publishing the first letter of Hisham Talaat Mustafa to the Press since his arrest and the first interview for businessman  Hossam Abu El-Fatoh from inside the jail. Still attacking the people and dividing the society in two classes : The Businessmen and those who envy them is not a scoop !!
Hossam Abu El-Fatoh’s interview can be considered a scoop after all it was published in the best place : In the Cars supplement , the former famous agent of BMW made a long interesting interview Abu Fatoh proving that he is still there and rocking. Hossam Abu El-Fatoh officially was in jail because of his financial debts , still his arrest was the talk of the town because of the moral scandals that exposed his pervert personal behaviour. His leaked sex tapes with his wives including Dina , Egypt so-called last belly dancer from 5 years age were the the top downloads in forums. There was no newspaper that did n’t speak about his wild nights including Akhabr Al Youm,unlike to Hisham Mustafa there was no newspaper I recall that stood beside him. After all the orders came from above to destroy him. Abu El-Fatoh made a mistake that costed Waguih Abaza his life , he refused to share the BMW agency with one of the top VIPs. Strangely after all those years most people forgot about his moral scandals and believe he was a victim.
Of course he is no longer the BMW agent despite he made the name of BMW high in the sky in Egypt , he is angry from the Germans and the new Egyptian Partners. Of course I must say that he taught them that they should not miss with him even in Jail when he introduced Speranza to the market.
Now to the second scoop of the newspaper , the letter of Hisham , where he thanks the newspaper for its stand saying that he got faith in the Egyptian Judicial system would prove his innocence” what if the opposite happens”. The letter was published in a whole column in a page already dedicated to the case. Beside the column there was an interview with Farid Al Dib who managed to get rid from all scan0005 other famous lawyers in the case,it was his party. By the way Farid Al Dib is the lawyer of Abu El-Fatoh too who is out of jail not because of the skill of Al Dib but because he paid his debts to the banks . You know what really made me angry from Hisham’s letter was his words to his mother,Wife and Children because where they had been when he spent millions on his flings.
For God sake Al Akhabr newspaper mentioned that administration of Torah farm prison was surprised to find out that he got another wife who visited him last week and guess what ; he married his new bride on the 30th of August 2008 ; days before his arrest.
Seriously I really feel so bad and angry for his children because even if he is innocent from the murder of Tamim , he will not be in the eyes of his children that ideal father anymore , they will remember him as the man who spent millions on his flings. His wife is another example of how the Egyptian woman can tolerate treason.Already she is is his cousin and I know 100% sure that she is still with him because she wants to protect the money of her children. This is the man that thinks that money will make his wife happy and satisfied not bothered about his flings as if she were not human.
Sometimes I feel that God exposed this man only because his wife suffered enough in silence.
Chief in Editor “Momataz Al-Kot”  who crossed all lines in kissing the ass of the regime and the President, is Now kissing the businessmen’s ass.Some may say that it is technique from the government to hold the stick from the middle, some official newspapers attack them to the bones and some official newspapers. Still I feel that the rule against Hisham was already signed when he was arrested with that campaign in the media especially the official media !!
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