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Monday, September 29, 2008

Breaking News: The hostages are free

The kidnapped Egyptians and tourists are at last free, this is from CNN for now. They are in their to Cairo on a military flight. There is no much detail about their release despite I read today that the ransom was paid despite the big action announced yesterday in Sudan
Ironically I was going to wonder today where the abductors had taken them after the big fight with the Sudanese army, some said that they went to Chad but Chad denied this , then today in the Press I read that some Sudanese sources said that they went to Egypt !!
Anyhow the hostages are free and despite this is what we care for one there are hundreds of questions we should ask and hundred of officials we should blame in this fiasco.
This is another good news for the feast after the release of Al Mansoura
I hope insh Allah we hear something about Badr I soon
Update :
  • They reached to Cairo to Maadi and I saw them on TV ,they look good.
  • Cairo denied paying any penny to the abductors
  • No further details about the release is available currently.
  • There is some tiny detail that the Egyptian forces were the one who liberated them not the Sudanese based on some intelligence info ; Adham Sabri is too active these days ;)
  • The tiny detail is becoming bigger and bigger; the Egyptian Commandos in particular the famous "777" has liberated the hostages after killing half of the abductors.
  • The number of the abductors were about 35 persons !!
  • President Mubarak was informed by this today.
  • I am very happy and proud
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