Egyptian Chronicles: The Arab American Voters can make difference

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Arab American Voters can make difference

Read this post from Scott Macleod in Time’s  Middle East blog about the Arab American Vote in the American Presidential elections 2008. It is very important. The Arab American Vote can make difference in Michigan, Florida, Ohio,Pennsylvania and Virginia where 30% of the Arab American population concentrates especially in Michigan .Most of them prefer Obama over McCain according to latest Zogby International poll for the Arab-American Institute,it is very interesting poll.

You can find the poll here.

It is very interesting to know that the Arab American voters are more interested in economic policies of the future President like the rest of the Americans unlike the Jewish lobby that cares only for the Foreign policies towards Israel and the Middle East.

The Muslim Arab Americans prefer Obama where as the Catholic Arab Americans prefer McCain and do not ask me why !!  I used to know from relatives in America that for years the Muslim Arab Americans preferred the Republicans for their moral values especially regarding gays , it is enough that that they voted for the G.W Bush in the first term and since then they regret it.

This poll shows that the Arab Americans can form some sort of power in the elections by time if they can organize themselves.

Now to all Arab Americans

Do not Vote for McCain

Think again if you are going to .. if you care about the economy of the States then look to the latest financial Crisis in the end of Bush Era , this is Republican rule financial policies.

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  1. Regardless of one's ethnic background in America, there are a myriad of items that determine your choice in president. At one time, the Republicans, with James Baker as Secretary of State, was a bit more even handed with regard to US / Middle East relations. That might come to the attention of Jewish voters and Arab / Middle East voters, but not too many others. The economy effects everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, etc. While the Republicans have been able to trump the Democrats with Christian fundamentalist issues, this will not be their year. History tells us that the Democrats are better for the economy. As a Greek-American, it offends me when people talk about foreign relations in relation to their heritage. We are all Americans, and we should look to our country's best interests first, not second, as some people (like Joe Lieberman) would have you believe.

  2. My father voted for Bush and considered himself Republican during the 2000 elections. His mentality was mostly based off of the Republican's family values and their economic values. But he didn't know Bush would be so hawkish against the Arab World, or ruin the economy. Since then, he's switched over to the Democrats and voted for Kerry in 2004. This year, he's voting Obama.

    This is the story of the vast majority of Arab Americans I meet, Muslim or not.

  3. @Vagabondblogger, unfortunately this particular election the race , ethnics and even sexism are brought up with no need thanks to the republicans and Joe Liberman ,it is disgusting no one is paying attention for things that matter , even when the foreign relations are brought up they consider it treason to have dialogue with others
    really it is a real amazing presidential race
    @Sultan1923 , Strangely if you look closer you will find that they got no family values , look to Palin and Dick Cheney's daughters , no look to the Republicans themselves , how from time to time we hear about their sexual scandals ,they are not even sticking to what they promote


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