Egyptian Chronicles: Another stupid rumour: Genpets

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another stupid rumour: Genpets

One of my co-workers received the news in a forward letter and she told us about it , I told her that it is 100% untrue ,even without searching and investigating.
Then the news reached to Al Masryoon Newspaper that thought that it Genpets would be a great scoop : The bioengineered GenPets are going to invade the Egyptian markets after they were refused in the Gulf because they were against the Islamic Sharia !! The e-newspaper goes on and on saying that the importers of toys in Egypt are warning that sooner they will invade Egypt.
There are no such GenPets , it is a hoax or rather an art work made by Adam Brandejs, whose portfolio includes many things like Genpets. This hoax was covered in several international newspapers by the way and in the BBC in 2007 and we are acting as it were fact in 2008 !!??
Ok may be Mr. Ahmed Hassan Baker who wrote the report depended Genpets (1) on that fake website , to tell you the truth ,it can convince anyone but this anyone must wonder why we did not hear about it in the media before as a real toy not as a hoax !!
Logically what kind of parents will buy to their children such ugly freak !!??
What makes me angry and sad is that in Mr.Hassan’s report he mentioned official documents , Arab countries refusal and the statements of the toys importers in Egypt !! All this with my all respect is fabrication.I wish to know who sent the original email because he knows that that was a hoax !!
This is not the first time this happens that the shocking and strange contemporary art works sent in emails across the Arab Muslim world as some of sort of divine punishment for a girl who did not respect the Holy Quran and the boy who did not pray !! Of course this is beside the wrong Religious information !!
This is a huge insult to Islam and Muslims.God granted us with Mind to think about it. These Myths are against us , of course I must say through out the history in the weakness times these myths always spread.Still we should fight them for the sake of our religion, it is our duty

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  1. @ Qwaider Ok my goodness ,this is so so sad , how can they be ignorant and stupid !!??
    it is so so so sad :(


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