Egyptian Chronicles: Another rockslide at Doweiqa

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another rockslide at Doweiqa

It was an expected thing according to the experts who called for immediate evacuation for the people at Al Doweiqa as soon as possible for decades now.
Another Rock slide happened yesterday.
The official media said that there were no victims at all where as the opposition and independent media are speaking for at least two missing persons "Either two merchants or two children" .
From another side ,it seems that Egypt is still the leading country in the Arab region in a way or another because I read that in Syria the residents who lived under the Mount Qasioun at Damascus fear the same fate of the people of Al Doweiqa.
It seems that rock slide of Al Doweiqa was not shocking and fearful to us only. I hope the Syrian government would act more quickly because Qasioun is Real mount not a hill like Al Mokkatam ,yup the Al Mokkatam mount is actually a hill ,we call anything high in Egypt a mount.
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