Egyptian Chronicles: The annual Israeli feasts warning

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The annual Israeli feasts warning

 This post was written before the last tourist kidnap incident at Western desert.
Do you remember when I spoke about this strange coincidence between the timing of the latest terrorists acts in the last couple of years in Egypt and our national holidays and feasts.
I do not know if I also mentioned that strangely before each terrorist act Israel always warns its citizens from spending their holidays in Sinai , despite they do not listen to these warning.I mean how come their intelligence services know better than our intelligence services and if they know something why they do not share it with us !!
Now from two weeks Israel warned its citizens from spending their holidays in Egypt especially the coming period.
The coming period will be a mix between the Eid holiday "3 days" and 6th of October .
The most interesting thing in this warning is that Israel specifically warned its officers and soldiers who spend their holidays in Sinai from abduction as if the Egyptian authorities are collaborating with Hamas
anyhow insh Allah nothing will happen in this holiday hopefully and this warning has nothing to do with the hostages situation currently in Sudan , this warning was limited to Sinai only not the Western desert !!
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