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Friday, September 26, 2008

Al Zowahary latest release !!

As usual Al Zowahary of Al Qaida released a new audio clip earl, it is a habit to send a message to the whole world that He and Al Qaida are still there and are rocking !! Of course we can't be 100% positively sure that this is the Original Ayman Al Zowahary of Al Qaida but we do not have any other option if we do not have any clues that says the opposite.
Al Zowahary this time addressed the Egyptian people and for the first time addressed their internal problems.He spoke about Al Doweiqa and Salam 98 Ferry , He spoke about Mubarak corrupted regime that should be downed and he ended its as expected by call of a religious revival in the society.
For sure it is the first time for him to speak in that local way.
I do not have to use sophisticated words and say that the second man at Al Qaida is looking for support in Egypt from the people,he knows very well that the people of Egypt got too many local problems to care for the great Satan of the world.
He thought that the key is by attacking their regime , the Mubarak regime which is the source of all troubles and bubbles in Egypt.
It is not the first time that he speaks to the Egyptian People in that way because from few months Dr. Ayman addressed the Egyptian army calling them to rebel against Mubarak because of his support to Israel and America.
It is a nice try but unfortunately the majority of the Egyptian people are no longer interested in watching or hearing the Al Qaida TV Series when they have the Suzanne-Hisham TV Series for God Sake.
What I fear is that the big demon the Government is raising to hit the MB would listen to him.

By the way his clip has nothing to do with the hostages issues , it was just a pure coincidence.

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  1. I don't think anybody in Egypt will pay heed to the ramblings of a man that has no authority in regional politics. The only thing Zawahiri could do is perhaps ignite the fanaticism of the Salafis, which as you said, can be a major problem.


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