Egyptian Chronicles: Al Doweiqa anger

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Al Doweiqa anger

I read news via Arabawy that 20 families from Al Doweiqa are protesting in front of the Cairo Governorate building at Abdeen “Beside Abdeen Palace”.
They are  angry because the government did not give them new apartments.
The government is evacuating the people from Al Doweiqa right after receiving warnings from another rockslide beside the threat of health hazards.
The people now decided to have an open strike ,they are not leaving without new houses and they have all right to do so
The announced death toll reached today 84 !! Sooner the government has to stop the rescue works and to announce the location as mass cemetery, it is not easy to accept that when you know there are hundreds buried under these huge rocks ,Some times I feel that it would have been better if we had called for international help.We are speaking here about hundreds , hundreds the government does not want to speak about.
The people are extremely angry from that decision .The government justification is that there are fears from the spread of Plague because of the dead , therefore living should be transported as soon as possible. Ok then give the living new houses so they can live in it as human beings
The people are very angry and very skeptical from the government.The same government that ignored them for decades. Why should they trust it now??
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