Egyptian Chronicles: Again it is the captain's fault !!??

Friday, September 19, 2008

Again it is the captain's fault !!??

Mamdouh Ismail again and again is making the headlines, the runaway NDP MP who has not dare to come back from London after the infamous court rule till now . I remember that I received a comment attacking me because he should not be accounted for the Salam 98 ferry disaster only because he was just the Owner and that it was the responsibility of the Captain !! As If Mamdouh was not responsible for buying old ferries and was not responsible for the mysterious disappearance of the surviving crew member !!

Guess what the Saudi authorities at Dhiba port in KSA refused to let Mamdouh Ismail’s ferry “Al-Gamah” 2 to transport another 1000 passengers to Egypt because of its malfunctions !! The Saudis do not want to be accounted for the death of another 1000 Egyptians ,already after Al Salam 98 they learnt the lesson that they should not trust the Egyptian ferries thanks to the corruption in the Egyptian navigation authorities that permit for broken old ferries to transfer thousands of people !!

I do not think that “Al-Gamah" 2 ferry is a new one because if it were new one ,it would not be broken like this.

Mamdouh Ismail is guilty of buying cheap old expired ferries from junk yards and jeopardizing the life of thousands of passengers , sorry he already caused the death of 1035 innocent soul !!

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  1. Nice to see us breaking with tradition, up the sinking of the ferry then subsequently finding out the the captain was one of the first people to leave, i felt a gag reflex to vomit. THE CAPTAIN PROTECTS THE PEOPLE AND GOES DOWN WITH THE SHIP!!!!!!

    how disgusting to treat these poor people like cattle.

  2. @anonymous , not in Egypt anymore I am afraid , already no one knows where the captain is except may be Mamdouh Ismail and co.


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