Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Evacuation and displacement are not the solution

And so the Egyptian army started its plan to evacuate areas in Rafah city , North Sinai demolishing houses and displacing the families there as part of its war against terrorism according to the orders of Prime minister Ibrahim Mahlab.
In this stage we are speaking about 802 houses to be evacuated and 1,156 families to be displaced.
A copy from the PM's decree to evacuate the area
A map showing the areas to be evacuated
I do not know how evacuating the area and displacing hundreds of families will give you an Upper hand to fight terrorism. Already terrorists will leave the area and will go to the next populated place if you think in this way.Not to mention you will create an angry population that can not stomach your existance.

If it is about tunnels with Gaza , well most tunnels with Gaza have been destroyed in the past two years. Also for more than area the army used to destroy the houses with tunnels so why to destroy the houses without tunnels.

Needless this decision which is unconstitutional needs a parliament in the first not a president or pm alone. Again we need to revise the security and military strategy in Sinai carefully so we can win this war against terrorism without losing Sinai once again.

Monday, October 27, 2014

It is not even the 1960s but WWII propaganda

Because adopting the 1960s media and propaganda we find today that this was not enough and now the Pro-military supporters are using two or three chapters from WWII propaganda book guide.

This poster with sets of orders to the Egyptian people to follow during the current war on terrorism so the terrorists won't win. This poster is signed by a group calling itself "We, the peope of Egypt

Here is the English translation of the orders in the poster. It is translated by dear friend Dalia Ezzat.

We are the people of Egypt

Egypt is in a state of war, therefore we request the following from everyone :

  1. Sharing any negative statements about your army or your country circulated by agents or the fifth column is prohibited.
  2. Sharing any negative information about military operations or related to the state of soldiers and conscripts is prohibited.
    1. Sharing any negative words that question or insult the military, your leadership or your or authorities is prohibited.
    2. Writing about your psychological breakdown over what is happening in the country is prohibited as you will be serving the interests of agents.
    3. No one , no matter who they are, should be permitted to malign your army and your leadership. Such people should be dealt with with firmness to prevent them from causing further damage and moving on with this information to other people.
    4. Sharing any information about military operations , even if you're confident of this information, is absolutely prohibited. You should wait for an official statement from a military source. Not all information should be shared.

    And finally to the so called activists and Twitter Jihadists

    Please don't comment on or attempt to criticize the military or its operations. If you have better suggestions for what should be done, you can communicate them directly to the military sources concerned or keep quiet and don't attempt to divide us or stop our path.

    Reading this in Arabic makes me feel that whoever wrote it was or is an army officer. I believe he could be an army veteran.

    I know one thing for sure the rights of those who were killed in Sinai in cold blood in the past 3 years won't return in this way.




    Sunday, October 26, 2014

    This is how to fight freedom of expression not terrorism actually

    After the horrifying terrorist attack in Sinai which resulted in th murder of not less than 30 army officers and soldiers Egyptian TV channels and newspapers decided to fight terrorism in its own way. First we found on Saturday that popular TV host Mahmoud Saad would no longer appear on Al-Nahar TV channel becaue the channel won't allow to those who spread rumors to spread on its screen according to a statement it issued on that same day. Saad , a pro-Jan25 TV host is considered a moderate critic of the regime right now compared to other TV hosts. Last week Mahmoud Saad criticized El-Sisi directly reminding him how he used to meet the 25 January revolution youth icons when those icons now are either in jail or abroad in self-exile or accused of treason in media.Last week Asmaa Mahfouz, the famous 25 January revolution icon was the latest revolution youth figure to be officially blacklisted after finding herself on the state's travel ban. Today after huge criticism to the channel online , Al-Nahar TV channel claimed that Saad's show had not been suspended but according to my sources it was suspended on Saturday. May be Al-Nahar TV channel got some warning from Mount Olympus, already Saad was the last criticising voice and is needed to create some pseudo-balance in the channel.

    Saturday, October 25, 2014

    Black Friday in #Sinai

    Today was officially the Black Friday in Sinai. In afternoon a bombed car exploded at an army checkpoint near El-Sheikh Zowaid city in North Sinai.At least 30 army personnel from soldiers, conscripts and officers were killed in the worst attacks against army personnel in Sinai since its return to Egypt.

    Then couple of hours later we read that there was a shooting at some police checkpoint in Al-Arish city. Then at mid night a CSF police camp near Al-Arish international airport was allegedly attacked by missiles and dozens of conscripts were injured. A bloody day indeed.

    You must know that this week not less than 40 security personnel were killed as well 50 others were injured in North Sinai alone. I see that the security campaign to purge Sinai from terrorism is not working as expected. Already I believe that 3 years have passed since the army started its operation in August 2012 to purge Sinai from the terrorists who killed our borders guards.

    So far no one has officially claimed responsibility but of course Ajnad Beit Al-Maqids terrorist group is the main suspect .

    Wednesday, October 22, 2014

    Mosa'ab El-Shamy Presents : Moulid El-Badawy in #Tanta

    And I proudly present once again another fantastic photogallery made by dear friend Mosa'ab El-Shamy.
    This time Mosa'ab El-Shamy captures in black and white the amazing annual Moulid El-Sayid El-Badawy in Tanta earlier this month. I will not comment on the photos because they speak on their own.

    Moulid El-Siyad El-Badawy is the biggest religious Sufi Moulid attracting hundreds of thousands of Egyptians from all over the country to Tanta to this time of the year.

    El-Siyad or Sheikh Ahmed El-Badawy was a Moroccan Sufi Sheikh who settled down in Egypt , in Tanta in the 12th century where he died and buried. Soon enough the Moroccan Sufi Sheikh became a Sufi saint with a big order of students and followers. Already Tanta has become known as the city of El-Siyad El-Badawy.

    This year the Moulid was interrepeted for few minutes when two primitive explosive devices detenotated in the Grand night of the Moulid , which is the biggest in the event outside the Mosque in the Moulid space itself injuring tens only. Most of injuries were related to crowedness and panic. Thankfully it did not spoil the night. I think no one has claimed responsibility for this terrible act.

    Anyhow please enjoy this beautiful set of photos

    Sunday, October 19, 2014

    When a former Egyptian Police officer joins IS

    It all started when I logged in to twitter this afternoon, I saw this tweet retweeted by journalist Evan Hill.

    Former Egyptian Parliament candidae and security officer Ahmed El-Darawi died in a suicide attack in Iraq according to a news story published on Pro-IS Dawa Al-Haq website which by its turn quoted alleged Iraqi journalist Hussein Al-Madidi who wrote his name wrong at first as "Hamed"

    Al-Madidi said the following : Hamed El-Darawi was an Egyptian security officer and a parliamentary candidate then he repented and came to the caliphate where he did a suicidal operation.

    Now aside from the interesting fact that we are speaking about a former Egyptian security officer who joined IS , I remember something: Ahmed El-Darawi was dead from several months ago according to his family and could not be responsible for a suicidal operation in Iraq this week or anytime earlier.

    I asked my fellow Egyptian tweeps and they confirmed to me what I have already known , El-Darawi died abroad suffering from cancer. Anyhow they gave me the handle of his brother Haitham El-Darawi.

    Haitham revealed a new truth many ignored that Ahmed indeed died during an Operation for the State aka IS. I am quoting his exact words in his reply to my direct question on twitter.
    Well it turned out the majority ignored this but his friends in Maadi and some Pro-Morsi supporters on twitter knew that.