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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 10, 2016 at 12:00AM

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Remembering the Zamalek UWK Massacre and the quest for justice

Just after a week from the Ultras Ahlawy's commemoration to the fourth anniversary of Port Said stadium massacre , Zamalek Sports club's  Ultras White Knights {UWK}  "commemorated the first anniversary of the UWK massacre or as known as the Air Defense Stadium massacre in Cairo.
UWK's commemoration to the Air Defense stadium tonight at Fustat Park
"Mohamed El-Ra3y"
From a year ago, Twenty Zamalek fans were killed in a stampede at the Air Defense stadium in an evil scheme planned by none other than the Zamalek SC notorious chairman Mortada Mansour according to the UWK.

Just like UA07, UWK07 matured politically and knowing that it could not stand against Mortada Mansour or the ministry of interior, it decided to play by the law.

The group would not take any chances especially the current head of Human Rights committee in Egypt's House of Representatives aka Mortada Mansour warned of coming near to Zamalek Club as the Club's guards would use their "live ammunition" weapons against them !!

I believe Mansour went mad after finding out that on 6 February the UWK hung on the gates of Zamalek club that banner saying "Mortada is a murderer, we want him".

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Paying Respect to Giulio Regeni

And Giulio Regeni returned back to Italy Saturday afternoon.
Italy will have its own autopsy. The Egyptian National Forensics authority declared that it would finish Regeni's autopsy by the end of February !!!!!
I do not need to guess that the Italian government will finish Regini's autopsy in a week or something !!
His hometown "Fiumicello", a small village in north-eastern Italy." declared a national mourning.
The Egyptian ministry of interior is denying that it declared officially that the 28-years old researcher was killed in hit and run despite the fact that the head of Giza security directorate was the one who told Pro-regime Youm 7 news website that Thursday morning.
Earlier Saturday afternoon, dozens of Egyptians as well Italians in Egypt paid respect to Giulio Regeni at the Italian embassy in Cairo as his body departed Egypt to make on final trip back home to Italy.

Flowers and candles at the Italian embassy in Cairo "The Januarians"

The Italian embassy in Cairo Saturday afternoon

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The night I have seen Orion's belt in the Sky

I think I was a very lucky girl when I recieved that notification from Star Walk app that I should not miss that rare visible 5 planets line-up in the sky. I went to the balcony in that cold weather to see those planets and to my surprise I saw a very starry sky in the middle of Giza city with all the street lights on.

A starry night in the city

I took a couple of photos and to my luck for the first time , I saw the legendary Orion's belt visible and crystal clear in the sky.

Already it turned out that it is visiable in the Northern winter and Southern summer starting from January.

Orion's belt

I did not see the 5 planets , already they are visible 80 minutes before sunrise and technically I will be sleeping in bed in that time but I am happy to see the Orion's belt and the sky full of stars like that in the big city.

Orion's belt in the Orion's constellation played a role in the Egyptian mythedology.

Needless to say , Orion's belt is famously connected to Egypt now thanks to the Orion Correlation theory promoted by ancient alien theorist Robert Bauval and History Channel's show "Ancient aliens".

Friday, February 5, 2016

When Ultras Ahlawy replied Sisi's call

In the past four days, Ultras Ahlawy "UA07" proved to be more politically mature than any other Egyptian party or political movement or even official institution in Egypt.
It started on 30 January with a small announcement on the Ultras Ahlawy "UA07" twitter and Facebook accounts announcing that they were going to commemorate on 1 February the 72 victims from their members who were  killed during the Port Said stadium clashes in 2012.
We will continue " Ibrahim Ezzat Hendy" 
The commemoration would be held according to the announcement at Al-Ahly Sporting Club's main stadium "Mokhtar El-Tetch stadium" in Cairo starting at 2 PM as they had alway done in the past three years.
Nobody paid at attention at that announcement except when the photos being to be shared on that day from El-Tetch stadium showing thousands of angry young men commemorating the anniversary of their young comrades while carrying anti-SCAF banners as well the photos of the 74 young men.
The Ultras boys at the El-Tetch stadium " Ultras Ahlawy Official FB" 
From Cairo Tower, the scene from an ariel view
"Ultras Ahlawy official FB"

Thursday, February 4, 2016

RIP Giulio Regeni

Italian student Giulio Regeni has been found after all and unfortunately, he was not found alive.
Last night, the Italian media announced that the body of the late 28 years old Cambridge University PhD student was found in the outskirts of Giza according to the Italian embassy in Cairo.
Giulio Regeni 
There had been no confirmation yet and friends of Regeni asked the Press to wait till there was an official announcement and his family would confirm it.
The Regenis are already in Cairo
Later, Reuters spread the news quoting the Italian foreign ministry itself. The Italians were waiting for the official confirmation of the Egyptian authorities.
More grim details began to emerge in the following hours unofficially.
Reuters reported that the body of Giulio was found with traces of torture.
The report added that he was found semi-naked in the Cairo-Alexandria desert road in the outskirts of Giza.
According to his friends, he was last seen on 25 January when he headed from his home in Dokki to take the Metro near Cairo University heading to Downtown Cairo near the old AUC Campus in Tahrir square !!
What brought him to the Cairo-Alexandria desert road !!?
Giulio Regeni who spoke Arabic fluently was a PhD student and his research was about the trade unions in Egypt and its role after the January revolution and the ouster of Mubarak.
Only at 10 AM, the Giza security directorate announced in the Egyptian media hat body of the late Cambridge student was found at the Cairo-Alexandria desert road and that it was transferred to Zanihom morgue in Cairo.
Then in early statements, we found out the head of Giza security directorate saying that  there was no criminal intent in Giulio's death and that he died after a hit and run accident !!!!!!!!
Police General Khaled Shalaby also added that there were no traces of torture on the young man's body !!

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