Sunday, October 19, 2014

When a former Egyptian Police officer joins IS

It all started when I logged in to twitter this afternoon, I saw this tweet retweeted by journalist Evan Hill.

Former Egyptian Parliament candidae and security officer Ahmed El-Darawi died in a suicide attack in Iraq according to a news story published on Pro-IS Dawa Al-Haq website which by its turn quoted alleged Iraqi journalist Hussein Al-Madidi who wrote his name wrong at first as "Hamed"

Al-Madidi said the following : Hamed El-Darawi was an Egyptian security officer and a parliamentary candidate then he repented and came to the caliphate where he did a suicidal operation.

Now aside from the interesting fact that we are speaking about a former Egyptian security officer who joined IS , I remember something:  Ahmed El-Darawi was dead from several months ago according to his family and could not be responsible for a suicidal operation in Iraq this week or anytime earlier.

I asked my fellow Egyptian tweeps and they confirmed to me what I have already known , El-Darawi died abroad suffering from cancer. Anyhow they gave me the handle of his brother Haitham El-Darawi.

Haitham revealed a new truth many ignored that Ahmed indeed died during an Operation  for the State aka IS. I am quoting his exact words in his reply to my direct question on twitter.
Well it turned out the majority ignored this but his friends in Maadi and some Pro-Morsi supporters on twitter knew that.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Egyptian restoration style

I am not an expert in restoration or renovation of old monuments but I think I have eyes to see there is something wrong.This is a-before and after photo showing Fatimid era Al-Juyushi Mosque in Moqattam.
Al-Juyushi Mosque Before and After

The mosque that was built by the commander of the Fatimid armies in Egypt Badr Al-Jamali in the 11th century was turned in to ruins in the 20th century and of course the Egyptian government ignored despite its historical value. Recently Egypt's only lucky as well most mysterious Shiite Bohra Community decided to renovate or rather to build the ancient mosque.

From the photo you can see that all the signs of the historical building were wiped out from outside. Yes it was more of ruins but now it looks like a brand new mosque not a mosque that was built in the 11th century to oversee the new capital of Fatimids in North Africa.

Do you remember the controversy of Djoser pyramid which has not ended yet in Egypt ? I spoke about it before here briefly in the blog. Among the controversial points that raised in the debate that El-Shorbagy restoration Company used new stones in the first step base outside the pyramid destroying its ancient look. You can see what I mean here.

Djoser pyramid's new base by Galal Amr

That photo was taken by dear Galal Amr.

I believe that some contractors and officials in Egypt believe that restoration and renovation works mean rebuilding the place , the old place as if it were new from scratch. Of course this will generate more money than restoring history.

I think this point should be raised and discussed when we speak about restoration and renovation in Egypt.





Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The students are back indeed

Last Saturday the new academic year kicked off in Egyptian universities with lots and lots of non-stop drama. Starting with early Saturday morning security forces launched a wave from arrests across the country targeting the leading figures of the student movements in Egyptian universities.
Then on Saturday morning the students were welcomed by Private security firm "Falcon" responsible for the security in 15 public universities. For hours students stood in queues to be inspected by Falcon security guards at their electronic gates.
On Sunday the Pro-MB 'Students against Coup' organized protests in several campuses across the country calling it after Leftist Sheikh Emam and Poet Ahmed Fouad Nagm's song in 1970s "The students are back". 

The political song was praising the students movement in 1970s. Anyhow back to our time and to Sunday, the protests did not only attract the MB supporters but also the Non-Islamist students who were provoked by the Falcon scene the day before as well the mass arrests wave.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Welcome to spy academy !!

When Al shorouk newspaper reported that Cairo university was going to use the so-called patriotic students for spying on aka the troublemaking students in the new academic year 2014-2015 , some people did not believe it and accuse the newspaper of fabricating the news.
Of course the minister of higher education denied this news claiming that he would not turn the students to spies and informants. The minister can claim what he wants but we have got now professors who confess that they use students to spy on other students on campus. Here is a video clip for Dr.Hussein Aweida from Al Azhar Univeristy confesses that he uses students from his hometown to spy on other students.

TV host Mahmoud Saad went mad when he heard that talk.
Universities remained the pain in the regime's ass with the ongoing protests that took place all over the country last year. Not less than 11 students were killed on campus across the country in protests that turned clashes with the security forces.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Remembering #9Oct : The Black Day of #Maspero Massacre

On Thursday a very dark memory passed by silently in Egypt , it was the anniversary of Maspero massacre. A dark moment for Egypt in the 21st century where not less than 28 Egyptians were killed by Egypt's military police in a horrifying crime that was recorded live. Those Egyptians were Christians protesting in Egypt's first authorized protest in 2011 and the Egyptian National TV considered them as criminals asking the Egyptians to save the army from their attack.

Three years passed and no one was really found guilty for the murder of those protesters in the case that was investigated by the military prosecution. Even the soldier who was found guilty of manslaughter "running over the protesters with the army armored vehicle" took only 3 year. A sentence was suspended later by the way because the solider's appeal was accepted and there is a new retrial I do not know honestly its developments.

Three years passed and the only ones who remembered the martyrs are the same groups holding on the 25 January Dream sincerely.

When there was a media silence regarding that dark memory yesterday, few protesters commemorated the massacre with two stands Thursday afternoon. The first one was a short silent stand at the famous staircase of the journalists syndicate. It was small silent stand and short one as well.

The other one was bigger and was organized by Maspero Youth Union at Shubra roundabout , at the same place where the rally of angry Christians protesters started to march to Maspero building from three ago. The number of protesters was bigger , holding posters of the martyrs like iconic Mina Daniel.

The younger generations attending the protesters chanted against the military rule and the military. One of their chants was 'Sisi, Sisi , why is not Tantawy standing a trial ?" in reference to former Field Marshal Hussein Tantawy ,the head of SCAF during Maspero Massacre.Here is a photogallery from both protests.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

God loves #Morsi and #Sisi Coz This is #Egypt

This video clip was aired live on Egyptian TV where President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi was praying the Adha Eid prayer along a number of officials including the Prime minister and minister of interior who did not complete their Hajj personally to attend the prayer.

It was part of the Eid Speech by former minister of religious endowment Al-Hamadi Abu El-Nawar where he was speaking about president El-Sisi and his popularity that reached heavens.
He says God, Archangel Gabriel and other angels love Abdel El-Fattah El-Sisi and this is why the whole world loved him in the United Nation General assembly from two weeks ago. Shamelessly twisting prophet Mohamed 'PBUH' quotes to prove that , the old sheikh stated that on air while the president was listenning. One thougt that this kind talk would end after 30 June , at least this what was claimed then.
I remember that people went so angry and mad when similiar sheikhs claimed that ousted president Mohamed Morsi was supported by God , the angels and Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" according to visions and dreams
I remember very well that Bassem Youssef made a whole segment about those hypocrites in his suspended TV show during Morsi's era.
Now I totally understand how the MB and their supporters use religion in this way but I am puzzled on how the new ruling regime is using it and is okay with it when it claims that it is against the religious state and there will be no mix of religioin and politics in the so-called New Egypt.
Personally I watch that clip as well remember how El-Sisi stated during the elections campaign that the president was responsible for the religion and the manners of the society and I laugh on how some Pro-El-Sisi supporters see the man as Egypt's Ataturk's who will establish the ultimate secular state in Egypt !!!!
Of course to be honest it is not about Morsi or El-Sisi , it is about the Pharaoh cult in Egypt that goes back to thousands of years. The pharaoh or ruler in this country is always supported by the Gods and sometimes he is the son of God or the God himself incarnated.
By the way that Sheikh who believes that heavens loves El-Sisi comes from Al-Azhar , a religious institution that once before the 23 July 1952 stood against King Farouk himself for breaking the rules of Islam and attempting to issue a Fatwa to serve his interest.