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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kodak Agfa Presents : Karnak Temples Complex

Last month , Luxor’s Karnak Temples Complex “It is not just one ancient Egyptian temple, but rather several ones” was back to the headlines around the globe in a very sad way unfortunately when an explosive device detonated outside it. Three men including  a suicide bomber attempted to unleash attack in the temple but their attempt was foiled at the parking zone outside the temple thankfully to a taxi driver who suspected their behavior. Now this unfortunate incident reminded me that I got a bunch of photos I took at Egypt’s oldest and biggest religious temples complex since ancient Egypt during a visit to Luxor governorate in 2012.
I uploaded the photos to Flickr but I did not share them during then because I was outside the country. When I returned back , it was Ramadan and we had its special posts about lanterns , Zeinab Khatoun, Al-Azhar and Buying Eid Al-Fitr clothes.
And I think now it is the best time to share those photos I took at the Karnak temples complex during my visit to Aswan and Luxor in winter 2012
Now It is never too late to share the photos and video from Karnak.
Warning : They are not the best. In fact they are another lifeless boring Kodak Agfa shots.

During then there were not much foreign tourists then in the temple. Nevertheless the tourists in Luxor were more than in Aswan during then at least from what I see. Most of the tourists already I saw there were Egyptians. Already it was the Midterm vacation.
This was in 2012. I hope that what happened in June won’t affect tourism there. Of course luckily  the attack was in June not in winter during tourism’s prime time in the Upper Egyptian city.
The place is more than marvelous with its great ram sphinxes welcoming you.
That 2.7 km ram sphinxes corridor used to connect between the Karnak temple and Luxor temple. Wait for another post about the  Luxor temple.
It is enough to see some of the inscriptions on the walls an pylons still keeping their colors after all those centuries.

The hypostyle hall in the Precinct of Amun Re is breathtaking.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How to Fuel a Conspiracy Theory "Updated"

Two weeks after the bombing of the Italian consulate in Cairo , we find statements of Egyptian governmental officials about their plans of kicking out the locals of the long-time disputed  Maspero triangle. It is as if they were waiting for this opportunity to fuel Conspiracy theory among many skeptics!!

On Monday , Cairo governor Galal Saeed told CBC extra while visiting the Italian consulate that according to reports about 8-14 buildings will have to be evacuated. The governor added explicitly that the whole triangle would be evacuated sooner or later.

محافظ القاهرة يلمح لإزالة المباني المجاورة للقنصلية الإيطالية
محافظ القاهرة يلمح لإزالة المباني المجاورة للقنصلية الإيطالية
Posted by Talk show Masralarabia on Monday, July 20, 2015

Amazingly official statements and decisions concerning the Maspero square make many people believe in conspiracy theory and that the government-not the Islamic State was standing behind the bombing of the consulate in order to take over this high-value land whether online or offline.
Here is  #Maspero_Triangle Hashtag full similar comments on twitter. 

It is not only Pro-Morsi supporters who are speaking about how the "coup" regime will evict the people of Maspero despite the historical fact that Qatari investors had an eye on that cake in downtown Cairo for years.

April 6 Youth movement was the first Egyptian political movement to accuse the government indirectly

  1. A bomb at the outskirt of Mapsero Triangle 
  2. Forcible eviction of the people in Maspero triangle 
Then it ends the tweet with #Gang

The fact that the bombing took place early morning killing no Italian official and affecting minor part of the consulate made some people suspect the motive behind the bombing.

In addition to the strange statement issued signed by Islamic State-Egypt Province instead of the usual  Islamic State-Sinai Province claiming responsibility of the attack, which fueled the speculations especially there are couple of Egyptian slang words aka “parked car”.
Usually, Islamic State uses Classical Arabic in its statement.

Of course the Islamic State did not issue a denial but people can not stop pointing fingers to the government with what is happening in Boulaq or as it is called in the Medai Maspero triangle.

Since the days of Mubarak , there have been fights between the locals in Maspero from one side and the government and investors for another side over that important piece of land in the heart of Cairo.
We are speaking after about all a golden mine for investors mainly from the Gulf who want to turn that poor area into mega-skyscrapers garden selling units there for millions.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Their Eid inside jail

For the second time, a group of Pro-democracy young activists try to remind the people in Cairo that there are young protesters and activists detained unjustly spending their Eid inside the jail.
It is limited movement, but at least those young people try to do something when people are afraid to speak in public.
It is a limited movement where those young people chose their areas like Maadi and 6 October to spread their message.
Here are posters showing the young political detainees’ faces on  ads signs in Maadi.
Douma poster on advertisement sign in Maadi "Photo :Ahmed Kamel

Here is also a big banner placed Ghamra bridge in Cairo showing the children detainees in Egyptian prisons.
Hundreds of children spent their eid in Jail
"Photo: Menna El-Shishinni
Another group of young activists distributed popcorn packets with photos of political detainees at a Mosque in October city  to children and women.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Egyptian Chronicles present : Rumor of Love

Original poster of the film in 1960
It is a social traditional in Egypt to have new films in cinemas, it is a season for filmmakers.
Now in Egyptian Chronicles, there will be no screening for a
new film.

There will be a screen for an old film. As Omar Sharif passed away last week , I would like to Share with you one of his famous and popular roles in Egypt before he hit international stardom: His role as shy Hussein in the 1961-Romantic Comedy “Rumor of Love” or as it is translated in IMDB's Agony of Love

Now before he was that enigmatic Arabian El-Sherif Ali and Russian Revolutionary poet in Dr. Zhivago, Omar Sharif was Hussein , the dork of Port Said in the Agony of Love.

Directed by famous Egyptian director Fatin Abdel Wahab , the film had a first A Class stars during then including Omar Sharif , legendary actor Youssef Wahbi , Abdel Moneim Ibrahim and special cameo for Hend Rostom as well famous footballer then Adel Heikal  who was a close friend to Sharif.
In that films Egyptians were once again presented to the new starlet who would be a true legend later: Soad Hosni as Samiha.

The Agony of Love “1961”

Now one of the things I loved about Sharif was his honesty. He was extremely honest when he said that the true leading actor in this comedy was not but rather the legendary actor Youssef Wahaby and fine comedian Abdel Moneim Ibrahim.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.29 & 30”

The end of this season from Ramadan Radio Arabian Nights is coming as it seems.
Now Nour is mermaid now who is married to his beloved Seas Mermaid. They are supposedly happy, but there is something missing.

Nour is missing his father and mother. He feels sad that he left the land without saying goodbye to them. Frustrated and angry , he decided to head to old Sea Witch at the Sour sea with his wife
Princess Seas Mermaid. He wanted the old witch to find a way to undo or at least temporarily suspend that magical needle in his body so he can restore his human form.
The Old sea witch shocked him when she told him that she got no more magic and she could not help him.
Depressed and sad , Princess Seas Mermaid suggested that he would write a message to his dad on a deerskin and put it in a fancy box along with 100 pieces of gold and his father’s address so whoever found the box, he would take the hundred pieces of gold and deliver the message to Sheikh Mansour of Gor.
Seas Mermaid also put a curse on the box that whoever failed to deliver and decided to keep it for himself or herself.
Of course the box did not end up at Sheik Mansour’s house but it ended up at an old cursed lady in China as we know.
This was the story of Nour as inscribed on a deerskin, as it was read by an old man to the Sultan and his wife. Now the old Sheikh will tell the sultan and his wife what happened to sheikh Mansour.

Sheikh Mansour searched for his son but in vain as his boy seems to be vanished from the surface of earth. One winter and while taking a shelter at a waste and , a Jinn appeared to Sheikh Mansour who was crying for his son. The Jinn knew the story of Mansour and his son. He decided to help the old human. He told Mansour to head to the Dragon pond to see his sister Queen Sabrine who could lead him to his lost son. Sheikh Mansour should arrive the pond and cross it before Sunset otherwise he would miss meeting that Queen of Jinn.

July 16, 2015 at 04:02PM

Buying #Eid clothes from Wakilat El-Balah in #Cairo #Citizenjournalism #Blogger #everydayEgypt #DailyLifeCairo July 16, 2015 at 04:02PM via Instagram

Buying Eid Al-Fitr Feast Clothes From Al-Wakilat

Annually thousands of Egyptians from all over Cairo and Giza come to "Wakilat Al-Balah" to buy affordable clothes for feasts especially in Eid Al-Fitr.
"Wakilat Al-Balah" is one of the biggest popular markets in Cairo and Egypt for textile already. It is also the biggest secondhand clothes market in Cairo if not in Egypt.
From couple of days I passed through 26 July street which is considered the the entrance of the Wakilat which means in Arabic “The agency” and I found it extremely crowded with families and people buying affordable clothes.
Street Vendors selling clothes and shoes invaded for real the street on both sides as well sidewalks.

26 July street market
People come and affordable clothes and shoes from Wakilat Al-Balah's 26 July street
Here you can see a family buying shoes from a street vendor  
You will find in the 26 July street everything when it comes to clothes from adults to Children , from women to men , from XXS sizes to XXXL sizes , from shoes to bags to swimsuits and all that with affordable prices.
26 July street market
The side streets turn at this time in to open-air clothes shop 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.28”

Now Nour is a Merman and also a Sea Prince who has got to prove himself to the King of Seven seas and Princess Seas Mermaid. He would live for two weeks in the sea town and try to help the people in the best way without prince power.

The two weeks are over. All the Princes all failed except one prince or rather a fake prince , our
prince Nour. Nour opened a Saddles workshop. The saddles already invaded the Underwater world and the King was impressed. The King decided to give his daughter’s hand to Nour. Honest Nour confessed to him who he really was. The King welcomes him and decided to let Nour marry his daughter Seas Mermaid. Yes at last Nour and Seas Mermaid are going to have their wedding party or rather celebrations for 40 nights.
The couple lived happily but it was not forever after yet 

July 15, 2015 at 05:28PM

A wooden balcony in Boulaq Abu Ela, Cairo in an old house. #Cairowalks #Cairo #Egypt #ThisisEgypt #Citizenjournalism #Blogger July 15, 2015 at 05:28PM via Instagram

Esraa El-Taweel says She is disappointed with Egypt

Freelance Photographer Esraa El-Taweel has sent her first letter from detention earlier this month and she requested her friends and family to spread it as much as they can.She recounts what happened to her and how she feels. It is very sad letter.
El-Taweel is detained pending investigation for 45 days after forcibly disappeared for more than 15 days. She is now facing charges of joining the Muslim Brotherhood and spreading false news.
Here is the letter translated in English by “Where is Esraa El-Taweel Facebook page ?”
1) "Among us, there is a friend who never feels tired; a friend who is always faithful, delicate, and if he says, he does."On Monday, 1st of June, Sohaib’s trial session was in court. I was talking to Umar on phone telling him about my fear for Sohaib wishing I could bear what he might face of unfair verdicts. Umar said that we will never undergo anything except what we have been destined to and what God has written to us. Umar told me we have nothing to do but to support him. Then he said, "let’s go out" and added “I will finish my work and then we can go horseback riding.”
2) In Time
On the same day in the morning, Umar suggested that I watch a movie called “In Time”. After watching it, I told Umar “Thanks God that we do not know what is hidden for us and that we do not know when we will pass away or what will happen. I tried to imagine if I ever knew the unseen/unknown/destined, I would be terrified.” When we were riding horses, I went absent minded, Umar asked me what I was thinking of; I said I was afraid that time will pass and we will not be together anymore.
Esraa and her cat woody

3) The Last Supper..After getting off the horses, we were clueless; where should we go for dinner? One of the things I love most about Umar is how he was always eager to experience new cuisines; every week, we tried eating in a different restaurant. He has never eaten at "Chili's" restaurant before, and the nearest Chili's branch was in Nile City in Zamalek. We sat at our table and happily ordered our meals. Sohaib called Umar saying "I am on my way to you, I will only order a salad". After finishing and exiting the restaurant, we found a big mirror and stopped to snap some photographs together. We took a lot of photos. Suhaib stood nearby to pray the evening prayer. We went out of Nile City once he was done. Suddenly, three men stopped us asking for our ID cards and our mobile phones, and then they forcefully pushed us into a micro bus. At first, I thought we were being kidnapped. I asked them repeatedly that I want to call my family but they refused. I looked behind me to find both Suhaib and Umar blindfolded. I asked one of the kidnappers who seemed to be their boss (the oldest) “Who are you sir?" He said “I am Hussam Farag “. I asked him "and What is the title of your Excellency?” He laughed and told me "I am an officer, and you'd better remain silent". After two minutes he ordered me to use my headscarf as a blindfold but it was short. Suhaib took off his T-shirt and the officer ordered him to hand it to me to cover my eyes with it.