Monday, November 24, 2014

Kodak Agfa Presents: Al-Ahram Arts exhibition

Kodak Agfa is back and it had a very nice tour in Al-Ahram Arts exhibition yesterday. Al-Ahram institution is holding Arts exhibition called "Harmony" at its building in Downtown Cairo.

The exhibition includes contemporary art works from paintings, sculptures, photography and graphic designs. Famous Egyptian artists Adam Hanein and Mounir Canaan are featured in this exhibition

Unfortunately I took those photos using my mobile phone and I did not get the names of all the artists in the exhibition.

The exhibition is open for public for another 9 days from 10 AM to 9 PM.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

It is a media war "1"

It is pouring video clips and statements from here and there.

I should have spoken earlier about that distrubing video, yes the video all Egypt was speaking about.: The IS' special video in Sinai.

From a week ago IS released a 30 minutes video showing its affiliated militant group " Agnad Beit Al-Maqdis" or "ABM" and their operations against the Egyptian army.

In an extremely graphic video showing several operations against armed forces , the ABM is showing off its capabilities whether in media or in combat. Using Go-Pro cameras installed on rifles and high definition quality video , these guys know how to make a short documentary to shake the morale of their enemy.

They included several of their operations against the army and police whether in North Sinai or even in North coast , in West of Egypt last summer. Yes the operations we know about and the operations we do not know about in daylight.

They also included horrifying footage from the deadly attack on an army checkpoint in Sheikh Zowaid last October where over 30 army personnel have been killed.

It is truly shocking and sad video. Heartbreaking to say the least.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

You must sing the same song in Oceania

This is getting silly but it is expected in that Nazi fascist atmosphere we started it with banning columnists , TV shows , TV hosts as well books so it is natural this craziness reaches to songs.

Singer Hamza Namira's songs are now banned in the Egyptian radio service officially because he opposes the current regime that fights terrorism now.
Pro-25 January revolution Namira's songs were non-Mainstream whether before or after the revolution as they usually discuss social matters.
Of course Namira is accused of being a Muslim Brotherhood member because his records label is the famous Awakening records. Awakening records label is known for its Islamist leaning.
After July 3 ,2013 and what followed it , Namira produced this song "What shall I say" denouncing polarization , hate and violence.
Namira's song "Dream with me" became a true hit after the revolution when famous activist Wael Ghonim revealed that he used to sing it to himself while blindfolded in detention at State security HQ in January 2011 following his arrest before 28 January Day of rage

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The good news of the week : Comet landing

And as the bad news shower us every day about people getting killed in Egypt whether in road accidents or terrorist attacks or in prison or in protests or they just commit suicide out of despair and depression , the Philea comet landing is like a fresh air or rather hope.

Okay this will sound strange , after all why the comet landing can be considered something cheerful for some Egyptians realistically speaking when half of the country does not know about this mission in the first place. Well simply because there are 4 Egyptian scientists participating in that world breakthrough.

Yes those men are participating in that big achievement and we should be proud of them. Those men are Dr. Ahmed Shafei "28 years old", Dr. Essam Heggy "39 years old" , Dr. Essam Marouf "56 years old" and Dr. Ramy El-Maarry "35 years old".

Among those 4 scientist Dr. Essam Heggy , oh yes Essam Heggy who revealed that fact yesterday after finding out that the media in Egypt has nothing to speak about except the so-called "The Gharbia's Salafist stud" or the latest sex scandal in Egypt. "You can know about that in other websites".

We all remember how Heggy was being called loser and retard by the Pro-Military media in Egypt for daring to criticize the amazing Kofta device. Well Heggy is having a big laugh now.Below the photos of Heggy,El-Maarry and Marouf.

Of course we can not ignore the Egyptian origin of both words "Philea" or "Rosetta"

By the way the mainstream media does not care that much about the Philea landing and they did not know that there are Egyptians involved in this historical event including the man slammed from several months ago for saying the truth about Kofta device.

Anyhow there may be troubles facing Philea but it reached the comet.
Here are photos of the original Philea in Egypt

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Watch CPJ's Under threat : Egyptian press in peril

New York based Committee to Protect Journalists "CPJ" released that short documentary about Press in Egypt now. It is called "Under threat : Egyptian press in peril". I highly recommend watching it.

The documentary's title is perfect to describe the situation of press and media in general now in Egypt. They are in peril.

There is something being cooked when it comes to media right now. First we got the meeting of the major newspapers editors in Chief from couple of weeks ago. They announced that they would support the state. Second we got the meeting of the private newspapers' editors in chief who declared that they would form some sort of a chamber. I do not understand the role of that chamber to be honest. I feel that there is something being cooked and its smell is not good.

Of course some of you have known that Le Monde Diplomatique editor Alain Gresh was detained earlier today in Cairo for couple of hours along Egyptian journalists Sara Khorshid and Reem Khorshid because they were speaking about political affairs in Le Poire Cafe in Garden City near the British Embassy. They were arrested after being reported by some lady sitting in the cafe who heard them talk about politics in Egypt and went mad on how they dare to speak about politics. It is more than alarming. Again hours laters Greshe and the Khorshid sisters were released. The ministry of interior apologizd to the Le Monde Diplomatique editor but damage has been done.

What happened today to Gresh and the Khorshids is a result of the Pro-regime's incitement media. It is just sad.

Great days !!!


Monday, November 10, 2014

Welcome to the real life 1984

Earlier today the ministry of interior distributed a press release on Egyptian newspapers and websites like Al-Masry Al-Youm , Dot Misr , Sada El-Balad and Masrawy. According to that press release a Cairo University student was arrested outside it by security forces carrying a bag and the following seizures were officially documented : A notebook includes paragraphs about the Islamic Caliphate , two mobile phones without batteries, flash drives , hard drives , memory cards and "1984" novel which criticizes the military regimes.

Yes this was what mentioned in the official seizures report and this is how the novel was described along the notebook with paragraphs about the Islamic Caliphate allegedly praising it.

The news was among the top read today in Egypt thanks to Al-Masry Al-Youm website. It had to because the headline of the news was " A student got arrested because the possession of 1984". Al-Masry Al-Youm changed the headline later.

Mada Masr's Mai Shams El-Din called the head of Giza security directorate who denied that the student was arrested because he got the novel "which the police general ignores and actually I am not surprised that he did not know it or know George Orwell or the notebook". The police general also added that the student was arrested after filming the security forces at Cairo University "CU". It is worth to mention that the CU witnessed two attacks against security forces in the same location using handmade bombs.

It is worth to mention that the official seizures report issued by the ministry of interior early Sunday did not include any camera and it stated the two mobiles reportedly found with the student got no batteries.

Officially I have not seen a statement about the reason behind the arrest aside from that phone call my dear friend Mai made to the Giza security directorate. Also I wish there is attention to the student himself like the attention to Orwell's masterpiece.

The Pro-Police/Pro-Military attacked Al-Masry Al-Youm accusing it of fabricating the news despite other websites including cheap Pro-Police websites like Sada El-Balad copied the ministry of interior's statement making no change what so ever to it. They also claimed that the police in Egypt would not arrest people for trivial stuff such as carrying books like 1984.

Well I hate to remind them that the police in Egypt actually arrest people for trivial stuff like pins, rulers, posters , t-shirts and even teddy bears. The examples are many yet here are some of them to refresh the memory of my fellow Egyptians :

  • Mahmoud Mohamed, a student who has been in detention for nearly 11 months because he was wearing on the last anniversary of the 25 January a t-shirt that says "Against torture"
  • Sarah Khaled , the faculty of dentistry student "Future University" who was arrested , detained , beaten in detention and then released after appealing against 2 years in jail sentence because she was wearing a Raba'a pin in her veil.
  • That young school student who was arrested for having a Raba'a ruler.
  • A group of Non-Islamist Pro-25 January revolution activists who were arrested while sitting at a Cafe in downtown Cairo and according to their official seizures report they had a Che Guevara poster
  • From a week ago a student at Al-Azhar University was arrested for carrying a teddy bear with Raba'a sign.
Anyhow I really thank the ministry of interior because now " 1984 novel"is most searched words in Egypt today according to the Google trends.

People are sharing it online whether the English version or the Arabic version or the film.

Needless to see I look to Egypt now as mix of Animal Farm and 1984. Of course now it is leaning towards 1984 more and more especially when it comes to the media. Facts are being changed in front of us , facts we have all lived.

Anyhow this is a regime that arrests people for wearing pins , t-shirts and carrying rulers with signs so I won't be surprised that people get arrested later for carrying books like 1984 or Animal farm.